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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
74 Apr 1948DEODAR normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. Allen BakerDreadnought, going into a storm, raises conesanag. of dread, 0: cone = weather signal, in contemporary ed. of C.
SecondT. E. S. JobsonGot sight of a bustle in a scarlet wrapper and reversed into a tree!ado in red (all rev.)
ThirdMaj H. L. CarterSpare a copper for a distressed mountain nymph seeking a shady tree!d. + anag. of oread
HCW. K. AngusOne didn’t sing over the dead or decayedanag.; ref. song ‘Under the Deodar’
HCM. CasselAfter I hid in the tree I called back to Sparksi.e. I in deodar (rev.) = radioed; Sparks = radio operator
HCH. ChownDivine growth which can materialise dead or otherwise!anag.
HCF. L. ConstableDreadnought torpedoed! Radioed back one missing! A native of Coney Island?anag. of dread 0, rad(I)oed (rev.); grows cones
HCW. J. CouperRodeo daredevil’s “lonesome pine?”—Starlithidden; ref. song, ‘Under the deodar, lit by the evening star’
HCE. C. DoubleA branch establishment for refitting a dreadnoughtanag. of dread 0
HCS. B. GreenAn ordinary seaman, if in earnest, will not be deprived of leavesOD in dear
HCW. E. GreenGenealogical table of the Gods? Spenser read the dictionary backwards for itrad1 OED (rev.); i.e. tree of the Gods
HCD. HawsonOne of many branches of rodeo daring?hidden
HCS. HolgateI crashed into a tree and radioed back for assistancei.e. I in deodar (rev.) = radioed
HCJ. McIntoshA dreadnought made of wood? Quite the reverse!anag. of dread 0
HCR. PostillDreadnought sabotaged leaving Indian ’arbour, so I ’earanag. of dread 0; ‘arbor’
HCMiss A. C. TathamDisintegrated or dead, it’s still evergreenanag.
HCL. E. ThomasFuel provider who might give a twopenny dam!anag. of a dd roe (f. red deer)

Runners-Up in competition 74:

Dr AspinwallH. C. HillsF. E. NewloveMiss Telfer
R. P. CollettMiss HornerMrs ReidH. D. Wakely
Cdr DicksonC. B. JoynerW. RennieF Lt Watson-Smyth
T. C. FitzpatrickS. M. KahnA. J. C. Saunders 
Maj GilesR. C. MacfarlaneP. H. Taylor