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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
53 Jun 1947SHIN normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. PostillTramp, well fitted for conversion into light cutterShin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power, and power cuts of winter 1946-7; tramp vb. and n. (cargo boat)
SecondMaj D. P. M. MichaelClimb up! It’s only a shilling in the godssh in; shin (Jap.) = spirits, gods
ThirdT. W. MelluishTramp getting on well may become a Cabinet MinisterShin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power; tramp, vb.
HCC. B. DaishUsed to kick up no end of a shindy?shin(dy)
HCJ. H. DingwallClimb a tree! It well may be said to a Minister of the Crown!Shin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power
HCC. E. GatesThis bone, when grafted on to a broken leg, will be cut shorti.e. shingle (short haircut) = s. + anag.
HCS. B. GreenBone revealed by pushing the dog awaypushing less pug
HCS. HolgateBit of a leg show. Quiet in the gods!sh in, 2 defs.; shin (Jap.) = spirits, gods
HCMrs L. JarmanSee “The Drunkard’s Crime” for a shilling in the godsi.e. ‘sin’ pron. with a slur; sh. in; shin (Jap.) = spirits, gods
HCMrs D. M. KissenVariety for a shilling in the godssh. in; shin (Jap.) = spirits, gods; variety of meat[?]
HCR. H. LemonThis tramp would get on well in the Ministry of FuelShin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power; tramp vb.
HCRev W. McEntegartGashing’s no joke when it’s “cut to the bone”gashing less gag
HCW. O. RobertsonA dog would be very self-assertive about such a bonei.e. s. in pug = pushing
HCA. RobinsStraight enough in the leg, but contrariwise in between the shouldersi.e. s. in withers = withershins
HCJ. E. Smith WrightPushing the dog away reveals the bonepushing less pug
HCMiss D. M. TaylorIf you do this well, you may get to the top of the tree, and become a Minister!Shin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power, and ‘Sir Joseph Porter’s Song’, HMS Pinafore
HCMiss I. M. I. TwellsBone of contention? It starts a row anywayshin(dy)
HCP. WaltonMay be a good god in Japan or China, but —— well, not God with usshin (Jap.) = spirit, god; ref. Emanuel (=‘god is with us’) Shinwell, Min. of Fuel and Power
HCG. E. P. Wood“How’s that? Leg before?” “Be quiet; not out”sh! in
HCW. J. WrightI may get a nasty kick, but if I’m well-treated I don’t care a tinker’s cussShin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power: “As for the rest [non-organised labour], they don’t matter a tinker’s cuss.”

Runners-Up in competition 53:

G. W. BainD. L. ClementsC. R. MalcolmW. H. Thorne
Capt N. H. BeallDr W. H. HamiltonF. E. NewloveF. L. Usher
T. M. BrashR. C. MacfarlaneW. K. M. Slimmings