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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1180 Xmas 1994COLD TURKEY normal26


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstP. F. HendersonGospel shows Lord in simple bed – the original crib?Ld in cot + Ur key
SecondR. JacksTruly done with coke? Such suffering after one’s withdrawalanag. less one & lit.
ThirdT. J. MooreyDepression having abruptly deserted dope?col d turkey, & lit.
VHCM. BarleyPiece of cake, getting on horse? The reverse – coming straight off it is!c + old + turk + ye (rev.); horse = heroin
VHCC. J. BroughamFreezing dope?freeze = prevent the use of dope/turkey = fool
VHCE. J. BurgeClue try KO’d in rescheduling. It’s usually post-Christmas Day fareanag.; ref. closing date for comp.
VHCD. A. CampbellTot’s head is laid down in bleak, primitive crib: that’s gospelt in cold ur-key
VHCDr I. S. FletcherBeginning of convalescence having abandoned dope?col d turkey, & lit.
VHCR. P. C. FormanCutting dope?cold turkey, & lit.
VHCC. R. GumbrellWhat’ll have one off coke and truly suffering?anag. less an, & lit.
VHCR. J. HooperYearning for horse? That’s proud king yclept Dicky (the two Princes disposed of)anag. incl. K, less p, p; ref Richard III
VHCD. J. MacKaySource of kebabs about Yule or DT with the shakes?anag. incl. k, c., & lit.
VHCD. F. ManleyOld year tuck that’s unhooked a freak?anag. less a; 2 meanings
VHCH. W. Massingham‘The little lord … ’ in crib (Luther’s primitive crib) evokes gospel truth?Ld in cot + ur-key
VHCW. L. MironSnow suddenly stopped; that’s for sure. (Chill remains?)3 meanings
VHCC. J. MorseWould prison official have power to bar centres for drastic drug treatment?co(u)ld tur(n)key
VHCA. F. MylwardWithdrawal from addiction which is long-standing in painfully curt solutionold in anag. + key
VHCC. J. NapierOutcome of adjusting crudely to termination of crack (or smack) being injectedk in anag. & lit.
VHCR. J. PalmerWhat makes you flop after effect of snow?cold + turkey & lit.
VHCD. Price JonesCutting dope?cold turkey & lit.
VHCG. L. ScullardNauseating pain the result of hop on ice!cold turkey & lit.
VHCW. K. M. SlimmingsNo kidding, it’s reaction to lack of snow (or prospect of rissoles?)3 meanings
VHCP. L. StoneLittle king found in cot rudely fashioned in a disused horse troughK in anag.; disused horse trough = depression front giving up heroin
VHCD. H. TompsettWithdrawing dope?cold turkey, & lit.
VHCJ. R. TozerWhat might appear as cruelty, OK’d after getting ‘screwed up’anag. & lit.; ref government campaign:‘Heroin screws you up’
VHCR. J. WhaleTuck ye Lord up wherein e.g. horse has been removed?anag.; up = in an excited state

HCs awarded in competition 1180 to:

J. AbernethyN. C. DexterR. E. KimmonsM. Sanderson
W. G. ArnottM. EarleF. P. N. LakeW. J. M. Scotland
D. AshcroftC. M. EdmundsJ. C. LeylandMrs E. J. Shields
R. E. BootR. A. EnglandR. K. LumsdonN. G. Shippobotham
Mrs A. BoyesH. FreemanG. D. MeddingsB. L. Smith
D. C. BuddJ. GillC. G. MillinMrs I. G. Smith
Mrs M. J. CansfieldN. C. GoddardI. MunroG. R. E. Spark
M. CernyG. I. L. GraftonF. R. PalmerJ. B. Sweeting
E. ChalkleyR. R. GreenfieldG. S. ParsonsMrs J. E. Townsend
W. B. ChalmersB. GreerMrs M. PepinM. A. Trollope
B. S. ClarkD. R. GregoryG. PerryS. Tutor
C. A. ClarkeI. F. & L. M. HainesB. PittR. Vaughan-Davies
I. T. CookJ. HetheringtonH. L. RhodesMs R. Kornbluh & T. Wheeler
D. B. CrossC. HobbsD. B. RobinsonI. J. Wilcock
G. CummingW. JacksonC. RobsonD. A. Wilson
D. J. Dare-PlumptonMrs D. B. JenkinsonB. Roe 
Mrs C. DavisC. JunemanH. R. Sanders