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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1698 Dec 2004CROSSTIE normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. J. MooreySon admitted, see Tories falsely express tears over itC + s in anag.; ref. David Blunkett
SecondR. J. WhaleIt’s replaced so SR cite train cost rise?anag., anag., & lit.
ThirdR. JacksWhat’s holding up railway? Awful skid on frost and ice – wrong kind of leavesanag. less anag.
VHCM. BarleyCorset is tight: it provides support and prevents bulginganag.
VHCC. J. BroughamMallard flew over this tree right away from row of gunscross + tie(r); ref. steam locomotive
VHCB. BurtonLosing first part of argument, ostracise perversely a member giving supportanag. less a
VHCP. ColesTension on railways is maintained by this baffling cost riseanag.
VHCN. ConnaughtonA snugly embedded sleeper is a warm kipper, saycross tie
VHCV. DixonTreatment for cold is to rest, mostly stay in bedanag. incl. c, res(t); stay n.
VHCA. J. DornToss rice in excitement as supporter of couple, carrying trainanag.
VHCR. R. GreenfieldSupporter run over by train? We have to cancel matchcross tie
VHCJ. P. GuiverCorset is bust line’s supportanag.
VHCR. B. HarlingWhat’s found on US track shoe after dodgy race?cross tie; race2
VHCR. J. HealdTrain-bearer escorts one getting hitchedanag. incl. I
VHCJ. C. LeylandIt’s soccer ground throwing out fanatic finally that’s thwarted supporteranag. less c
VHCD. F. ManleyIs score, after break, over ton? That should secure the framet in anag.; ref. snooker
VHCP. W. MarlowDash of Coe stirs support at trackanag.; ref. Seb C.
VHCP. McKennaEngineering inspectors expressing new and positive support for railwayanag. less n, p
VHCK. MilanGroundsel or statices all over the place – no thanksanag. less ta; see groundsel2
VHCC. J. MorseIll-tempered match, with clubs sticking to different stories, leaves supporter thwartedcross tie, C + anag.
VHCF. R. PalmerBad-tempered match, its score upsetting support from both sidescross tie, anag.
VHCR. J. PalmerTight corset is requisite to dress lines without bulgesanag.
VHCD. H. TompsettResist calories and the start of overeating madly – this prevents bellyinganag. incl. c, o
VHCR. ZaraReorganisation of sector is required for member supporting rail networkanag.

HCs in competition 1698 awarded to:

G. AldermanR. M. S. CorkG. JohnstoneD. R. Robinson
D. AppletonG. CuthbertJ. R. H. JonesN. Roper
D. ArthurN. C. DexterP. R. LloydM. Sanderson
E. A. BeaulahMs A. DickinsP. LongD. Sargent
J. R. BeresfordC. M. EdmundsMrs J. MackieD. J. Short
J. M. BrownA. FarrowN. MacSweeneyP. L. Stone
E. J. BurgeW. P. FieldB. MidgleyMs M. Vincent
C. J. & M. P. ButlerDr I. S. FletcherJ. H. MooreA. J. Wardrop
P. CargillR. GriffinM. MoranF. J. B. Wheen
B. CheesmanA. & R. HadenT. D. NichollP. O. G. White
C. A. ClarkeA. & B. HarrisJ. PearceG. H. Willett
G. ClydeD. V. HarryMrs E. M. Phair 
M. CoatesR. HeskethDr T. Powell