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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
171 Jul 1951SERINGAS normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. L. HillmanTrees naturally provide a little bird with something to step onserin, gas; “step on the gas”
SecondE. S. AinleyCut, they produce a sort of resin coagulated with (e.g.) smokeanag. of resin + gas, & lit.
ThirdJ. W. BatesWhen the substance of the elastic fails, down come our trunks!cryptic def.
HCJ. A. BlairThey may concede the rubber, but you can hardly make South Africa resign!anag. incl. SA; ref. 1951 Test series
HCF. A. ClarkTheir constituents are used for erasingsanag. & lit.
HCP. M. CoombsExemplary bridge players, sound as they are, may give you the rubberS, E, ring, as
HCJ. H. DingwallThey provide the raw material for erasingsanag. & lit.
HCMrs N. FisherSee an ass reign in our stead! We have the juice to obliterate such errorsanag. of ass, reign; ref. MND: Oberon, Bottom, love-in-idleness potion; erasers
HCC. E. GatesWe supply material for erasingsanag. & lit.
HCS. B. GreenSigns are game and rubber—we’ll give it to you!anag.; game = crooked; ref. bridge
HCW. E. GreenRaw materials for erasingsanag. & lit.
HCD. S. JohnsonTrees that provide the wherewithal to make erasingsanag. & lit.
HCT. W. MelluishOriginal producers of elastic shows reassign the characters in a different orderanag.
HCP. M. NeweyAn undulating siren heralds gas: get your masks from us!anag.; rubber gas masks
HCD. A. NichollsCut a circle from the bark and see the floods around the rubber-trees!ring, vb., in seas
HCE. G. PhillipsFor trees yielding india-rubber, one has to cut away the bark in rough placesring, vb., in seas
HCH. C. PilleyTired? Our milk preparation will keep you going. One round in plenty of water is all you needring in seas; i.e. rubber tyres (tire2)
HCM. C. T. ReillyTo reassign ground a conveyance may be drawn up on an understanding of their productanag.; ref. rubber tyres for conveyances (vehicles)
HCA. E. SmithSuch a quantity of india-rubber comes from these trees, one could always be erasingi.e. erasing = anag. of seringa
HCL. E. ThomasPartition makes South Ireland talk a lot: the substance of their effusions makes one tire easily!S Erin gas; tire2
HCH. L. TinklerTheir product will naturally make erasings for youanag. & lit.
HCCapt C. TyersFrom these trees we get the means to make erasingsanag. & lit.
HCH. D. WakelyShady sources of profit brought to light when a trade combination gets into deep watersring in seas

Runners-Up in competition 171:

A. C. AngelE. H. EvansF. E. NewloveE. T. Smith
C. A. BakerMrs J. O. FullerRev E. B. PeelO. Carlton Smith
T. BilsboroughF. D. GardinerB. PeileJ. Thomas
M. L. BookerRev J. G. GrahamG. H. PodmoreJ. Thompson
Rev B. ChapmanMrs K. N. GrahamMrs M. G. PorterG. R. Webb
D. L. L. ClarkeMrs E. GreenE. R. PrenticeJ. F. N. Wedge
F. L. ConstableMrs L. JarmanC. P. ReaW. D. Wigley
T. G. CordesL. W. JenkinsonR. C. ReevesC. E. Williams
G. N. CoulterC. KoopN. G. RenshawM. Winterbottom
E. W. CumbersG. G. LawranceL. M. RowJ. S. Young
F. E. DixonD. P. M. MichaelT. E. Sanders 
W. J. DuffinR. MizelA. J. C. Saunders