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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
192 May 1952WATSON normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. H. GawlerEyes had I,—and saw notanag.; ref. Holmes’ remark to W., “You see but you do not observe” in ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’
SecondG. A. ShoobridgeSuggests hare for lunch, having helped to jug a good manyi.e. wat’s on; wat2; jug = jail
ThirdJ. W. BatesFifty years ago I appeared in the Strand in some intriguing shorts—was not a bit embarrassed!anag.; ref. Sherlock H. short stories in Strand Magazine
HCT. BilsboroughMedical institution in the old Strand was not rebuiltanag.; ref. Sherlock H. short stories in Strand Magazine
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonWas not, one might infer, the recipient of an elementary educationanag.; “Elementary, my dear W.”
HCL. E. EyresD’you hear what play’s running? What a chorus! Quite Boeotian—M.D., in fact!‘what’s on’; for W. as chorus see R. A. Knox ‘Essays in Satire,’ pp. 163-4
HCMrs N. FisherA change from Town’s a Doctor’s prescription. Would he approve of Hastings?anag.; ref. Poirot’s friend in A. Christie stories
HCS. GoldieWasn’t worried by a duck: he was quite handy for Lord’s and had a little quiet practiceanag. incl. 0; ref. proximity of Baker St to Lord’s cricket ground, medical practice
HCR. M. GraceElementary analysis of cipher wasn’t enough for the stormy petrel of crimeanag. incl. 0; ref. Holmes’ description of W. in ‘The Naval Treaty’
HCMrs M. Henderson“The start of war at once leads to the end of reason”—Ex-Army Doctorw + at + (rea)son; ref. W.’s career as army surgeon
HCF. G. IllingworthIn many cases, despite practice, was not a little bewilderedanag.; ref. W.’s limited powers of reasoning, medical practice
HCL. W. JenkinsonThis doctor is notoriously dear, but no sickness returns when he is employedno staw (rev.); “my dear W.”; staw (obs.) = disgust
HCG. G. LawranceThe first character in whodunits to get badly sat onw + anag., & lit.
HCF. E. NewloveHe played the recorder and second fiddle, but seldom practisedcryptic defs.; refs. to W.’s role as biographer and dogsbody to Holmes; i.e. practised medicine
HCRev E. B. PeelWasn’t subtle about a cipher0 in anag.; ref. W.’s limited powers of reasoning
HCR. PostillAs a change from the homes of patients I often tried the reverse, so to speak!cryptic def.; i.e. tried ‘patience of Holmes’; ref. W.’s limited powers of reasoning
HCSgt J. S. RiochThe cipher wasn’t involved. Even he could have broken it downanag. incl. 0; ref. W.’s limited powers of reasoning
HCMrs D. H. WilliamsDoes offspring run with the hare? Yes, and together they hunt with the houndwat2 + son; ref. occasional use of Toby the bloodhound

Runners-Up in competition 192:

Lt Col P. S. BainesE. G. DurhamH. JoyceJ. Sharkey
C. A. BakerP. O. K. EmeneyMrs J. H. C. LawlorJ. C. Shaw
A. W. BaldyDr J. N. FellR. H. LemonW. K. M. Slimmings
M. W. BarnettJ. A. FinckenJ. P. LloydO. Carlton Smith
T. E. BellC. E. GatesI. A. McLellanJ. A. Sturrock
F. A. ClarkS. R. GibbsE. L. MellershMiss D. W. Taylor
C. ClaveringS. B. GreenT. W. MelluishH. S. Tribe
F. L. ConstableW. E. GreenW. L. MironM. A. Vernon
P. M. CoombsR. J. HallC. J. MorseJ. F. N. Wedge
J. C. B. DateK. J. HardingB. C. St. J. MurphyG. H. Willett
Maj A. J. DouchT. O. HughesA. P. O’LearyM. Winterbottom
A. DrillienMrs L. JarmanE. R. Prentice 
Brig W. E. DuncanH. W. JenkinsMaj J. N. Purdon