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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
204 Oct 1952ROSTER Printer’s Devilry23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs A. M. OsmondGlad I could fall back on moss—b/rier tore my best clothes to shredsMoss Bros, terrier
SecondJ. BuistWhen not acting the P./M. is restingpro’s term
ThirdE. G. PhillipsThe press i/s always ready to fill the bill—with garbage sometimes!pressiroster, wading bird
HCE. S. AinleyI think our P./M.’s 76 (about)—not too much for a good fight!pro’s term’s 7/6 a bout
HCLt Col P. S. BainesThey burn Christian sinne/r. I bled. Ay. It was cruel!Nero
HCA. F. BrazierHis uniform is splendid, but the he/m is short! 
HCR. N. ChignellKortright was the p/ro.: ring Ames at Lord’spro’s terror; ref. Charles K., gentleman bowler for Essex, 1889-1907, and Les A., batsman for Kent
HCE. ClarkMany Christians die: dinne/r or theatre?Nero
HCR. M. S. CorkSalt is a f/ad: I can’t spread it, even if you can!eradicant
HCJ. A. FinckenAne/mone, Arthur!—gently!—needs cutting shortA Nero’s term
HCA. B. GardnerThe Press i/s no longer regarded as the true “gen.” U.S.A. readmitted no wasp-lovers!pressiroster, birds including the plovers
HCP. Glennie-SmithDo not brood, O he/n; lay onhero stern
HCS. B. GreenThe P./M.—sad Minister! A shock to poor new Members!golf club pro
HCL. W. JenkinsonSome think that Virgil’s he/n turned out a bad egghero stern; ref. Aeneas
HCT. W. MelluishI find no rime for the prophet of autumn, Alf/redfrost erred; ref. A. Tennyson
HCC. J. MorseDoc ai/ms at tract, “London isn’t Eden.” Going to tell us something!Cairo’s terms; ref. Suez crisis, Anthony E., Foreign Sec.
HCR. PostillNo doubt to amuse our Arth., here’s a f/at odalisque! ’Er methods must shock the Sisters!… a muse … a frost, Erato. Dali’s…; addressed to E. [see also comments in Slip no. 205]
HCH. RaingerU/nites an arthropod’s urosome’s somite’s sterniteurosternite
HCL. E. ThomsForty/ gals lapping shandy and eggs on noodles!For tyros tergal slapping’s handy…; slap on the back
HCJ. F. N. WedgeThings are difficult for Egyptian Importers Inc.—Ai/ling business is almost at a standstillin Cairo, sterling; ref. Suez crisis
HCJ. S. WoodburnAfter murder, sin! Cai/n! Measures have been takenCairo stern; ref. Suez crisis
HCR. WorthCrystal Palace, O Queen! Spark/ling exhibition seen by thousands. A “draw” for the visitorsQueen’s Park R.; football result
HCL. C. WrightIf they say the party’s a f/ad, I cater—eels—and give them hot numbersfrost (= failure); dances

Runners-Up in competition 204:

A. S. AllenS. GoldieMaj A. D. Martin-SperryW. K. M. Slimmings
C. Allen BakerC. P. GrantE. L. MellershJ. F. Smith
A. F. BallardC. R. HaighH. E. MelvinJ. A. L. Sturrock
J. W. BatesR. J. HallD. P. M. MichaelMiss D. W. Taylor
E. C. BinghamP. HoltbyR. J. MunningsW. R. Throssell
H. N. BrainMaj R. E. HoneysettF. E. NewloveCapt C. Tyers
T. A. L. CairnsMiss M. T. HopkinsonA. NewnhamF. L. Usher
W. R. ChalmersE. M. Furnival JonesS. L. PatonC. Vaughan
F. W. ChandlerJ. Hardie KeirM. G. Powell-DaviesT. G. Wellman
F. A. ClarkW. I. N. KesselMiss G. M. PreeceJ. B. Widdowson
E. DaviesMrs D. M. KissenC. P. ReaW. D. Wigley
Q. Des ClayesR. H. LemonJ. RileyG. H. Willett
D. M. DevineL. A. L. MacKichanL. J. SearsC. E. Williams
W. DevlinN. C. MahonyG. L. SeftonJ. S. Young
V. F. DixonC. R. MalcolmMrs E. Shackleton 
Rev B. FoleyT. A. MartinMrs E. M. Simmonds