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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
285 May 1954PARALYSES normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs E. M. SimmondsActs like a number of members: gets especially agitated about salary revision!anag. in anag. of esp.; numb-er
SecondF. B. StubbsPort with plenty of nuts cures cripplesPará lyses; i.e. Brazil nuts
ThirdE. S. AinleyWilts is a sparsely populated (old-world) antithesis of Bucksanag., 2 defs.; populated (obs) = devastated
HCMiss A. W. BaldyLess pay allotted to leaders of Railwaymen’s Association causes members to go on strikeanag. incl. R A
HCJ. W. BatesMuffed pass early puts an end to movementanag.
HCMrs CaithnessProduces an exhibition of still life for which Royal Academy pay less—unfortunatelyanag. incl. RA
HCA. E. ClaytonCripples—the outcome of Ypres. Alas!anag.
HCJ. CorderyMishandling of early pass brings useful movement to a premature endanag.
HCBrig W. E. DuncanAs players become a bit shaky, a bad stroke, or an attack of nerves, does itanag.
HCJ. A. FinckenStops working organs can’t be players as wellanag.; i.e. can’t well be …
HCS. B. GreenA little money improves the condition of cripplespara lyses
HCMrs L. JarmanGet stops working full out, e.g. vox humana: plays havoc with the ears in partsanag. of plays ears
HCC. J. LoweAs players lose their form, they cause members to refrain from giving active supportanag.; paralyses pl. n.
HCH. LyonMishandled early pass spoils the whole movementanag.
HCC. J. MorseThe number the experts take, one less y (variable), performs the function of any numberpar a + anag.; i.e. numb-er
HCR. PostillProduces results such as palsy’s areanag. & lit.
HCO. Carlton SmithIt’s the tricky early pass renders powerless our whole side, maybeanag.
HCM. WoolfAs parleys break down, you’ll see what a rail-strike does!anag.

Runners-Up in competition 285:

Lt Col P. S. BainesMrs D. FullerD. P. M. MichaelT. L. Strange
C. M. BrounMaj A. H. GilesW. L. MironA. H. Taylor
N. ChignellS. GoldieP. H. MorganJ. Thomas
A. N. ClarkC. P. GrantF. E. NewloveH. S. Tribe
J. McI. CruickshankT. J. GuffickB. G. PalmerC. T. Tulloch
C. R. DeanC. R. HaighL. S. PearceB. J. Wain
W. J. DuffinR. J. HallE. R. PrenticeH. D. Wakely
E. G. DurhamJ. G. HancockE. J. RackhamT. G. Wellman
J. B. FilburnJ. J. HollowayA. RobinsJ. S. Young
Mrs N. FisherL. JohnsonW. I. D. Scott 
J. A. FloodA. D. LeggeE. O. Seymour 
A. L. FreemanT. W. MelluishJ. C. W. Springbett