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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
287 Jun 1954MANCHESTER normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. R. HaighWhat is indicated by three short legs in a ring in front of the umpire? A pitch good for ducks?Man Chester; ref. Isle of M. triskelion, Frank C., Test umpire, rain-interrupted cricket at Old Trafford
SecondJ. Hardie KeirAn “urbanity” of bustling English merchants, and a “despondency” of cricketersanag. incl. E; ‘nouns of multitude’; ref. rain-interrupted cricket at Old Trafford
ThirdF. E. NewloveRocket transport reached this stage long ago: thence Mars has become the objectiveanag.; ref. Liverpool-M. railway, Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’
HCE. S. AinleyYou need macs there badly (place in the north).N in anag., & lit.
HCC. Allen BakerOne source of supply for English merchantsanag. incl. E, & lit.
HCMiss A. W. BaldyNorthern Territory—here macs are badly neededanag. incl. NT, & lit.
HCP. HoltbyBeing bust, about to return home of free will—having liberal Guardianman chest + re (rev.); ref. M. Guardian newspaper
HCE. G. IllingworthDamage can ruin these in Mr. Chuzzlewit’s kind of merchandiseanag. + anag. in Mr; ref. Anthony C., M. warehouseman in ‘Martin C.’
HCMrs L. JarmanWhere bits of fluff from abroad go for our cops in a big waycryptic def.; cop on spindle; ref. cotton mills
HCJ. JonesThe place for stone-walling—especially if a man short!i.e. (man)Chester; ref. Old Trafford (tactic in rain-interrupted cricket), and Chester city walls
HCT. W. MelluishYou’d better give a new order for macs there—an indefinite numberanag. incl. n, & lit.
HCW. L. MironMerchants are perturbed about importation of Eastern cotton goods here!E in anag.; ref. textile industry
HCC. J. MorseCan this be the place to make a chap umpire whose name is linked with the next county?man Chester, & lit.; ref. Frank C., Test umpire, and C. in Cheshire
HCD. A. NichollsThe East has contracted and merchants must take it—but there’s a rumpus here!E in anag., & lit.
HCR. PostillHere many unfinished matches (except a dull finish) get ruined by rain up Northman(y) + (mat)ches + ret (rev.), & lit.; ref. rain-interrupted cricket at Old Trafford
HCE. R. PrenticeHere almost an inch may fall, with Test Start abandoned: pages and pages written up about it(i)nch (t)est in ream (rev.), & lit.; ref. rain-interrupted 1953 Ashes Test at Old Trafford
HCA. RobinsAn apt motto for this school of potential English merchants might be Honour Bright!anag. incl. E; ref. novel ‘David Chester’s motto: “H. B.”’ by H. E. Inman
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsYou’ll see an infinite number in wet macs there!anag. incl. n; wet = crazy
HCD. SlaterYou’ll find any number of macs there: the cloth’s capital!anag. incl. n; ref. textile industry
HCF. B. StubbsWhere spinners and weavers may find their merchants’ English capitalanag. incl. E, & lit,; ref. textile industry
HCI. YoungYou’ll need macs there, the North being altogether very unsettledanag. incl. N, & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 287:

A. BristowA. L. FreemanMrs F. LaingJ. M. Sharman
Rev H.D. Owen BrownC. C. M. GiffinA. F. LerrigoMrs F. H. Shepherd
P. B. ChapmanC. P. GrantE. L. MellershMrs A. L. Stevenson
R. M. S. CorkS. B. GreenJ. G. MilnerL. T. Stokes
C. R. DeanT. J. GuffickP. H. MorganBrig R. F. E. Stoney
Miss B. J. DixD. HawsonJ. S. PyettMiss D. M. Thorne
W. J. DuffinL. JohnsonD. T. RowlandD. H. Tompsett
Brig W. E. DuncanC. KoopT. E. SandersA. L. Vann