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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
351 Sep 1955LUSTRE normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs L. JarmanSuspender of pretty Victorian drops—that’s quite in order in a Toulouse-Lautrec!(Tou)l(ou)us(e Lau)tre(c)
SecondG. H. RavenorGlass drops—result stormyanag.; ref. barometer
ThirdR. B. AdcockWhat ended vice after sex had gone to the Roman’s head?lust R (vic)e, & lit.; lustre2
HCC. Allen BakerIf a good man is led into temptation, a five-year stretch in jug may well give cause for reflectionSt. in lure, 2 defs.
HCE. A. BeaulahThe halo, perhaps, is the thing about a saint that catches one’s attentionSt. in lure2
HCC. O. ButcherIn the Gilbert-Sullivan topsyturvydom is a certain quality manifested by A Pair Of Sparkling Eyeshidden rev.; ref. song from “The Gondoliers”
HCG. N. CoulterHawking feathers round the street? You can get five years for thatSt. in lure
HCMrs N. FisherA five year term or longer for the depraved’s sound‘luster’
HCS. B. Green“Drunk and disorderly” result: a five years’ stretch!anag.
HCMrs S. KlemantaskiA good man at heart makes light of temptationi.e. St. in lure = lustre
HCA. F. LerrigoAn unwonted result for me! I become the Ximenes winneranag.; i.e. the competition word
HCB. J. McCann“Wicked Passion” should have about a five-year run. It’s a brilliant showlust + re, 2 defs.
HCC. J. MorseHoly man beset by temptation to think longingly about material splendourSt. in lure, lust re
HCF. E. NewloveCentury Twentieth? Not this ornament, surely!twentieth of 100 years; Victorian ornament
HCRev E. G. RileyIt’s enough to put a saint in a bait, dropping bits of glass all roundSt. in lure
HCT. E. SandersThe kind of result one expects the Buffs to achieveanag. & lit.; Buffs = shines leather, Army regts.
HCE. O. SeymourOnly a five year stretch? Could have been a hanging affair2 mngs.
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsA splendid film on China—there’s something magnetic about the star-partst(ar) in lure
HCD. W. SnowAn occasional cleaning every few years is all that’s needed for a fine cloth2 mngs.
HCJ. A. L. SturrockThere’s an Irish rule—elect chap who’s inside, after which they’ll have to have another election!St. in anag. (see elect, n.); elections every 5 years; ref. 1955 election of Philip Clarke in Fermanagh & S. Tyrone, ruled ineligible owing to criminal conviction
HCH. S. TribeBags of distinction—a pair will last ten years (“Sheen Advertiser”)3 mngs; ref. trousers
HCL. K. UptonTranslator initiated in Latin usage gives this gloss: “periodic purification”tr. in L ure, 2 defs.

Runners-Up in competition 351:

D. B. J. AmblerC. E. GatesH. LyonJ. W. Taylor
F. D. H. AtkinsonJ. H. GoodyearT. W. MelluishP. H. Taylor
J. W. BatesT. J. GuffickP. H. MorganCapt C. Tyers
M. H. BenolielD. HawsonP. M. NeweyF. L. Usher
H. BernardD. HendersonMaj J. N. PurdonJ. A. Watson
Mrs G. BonsallMrs HolmesE. J. RackhamJ. F. N. Wedge
R. N. ChignellE. G. IllingworthMrs E. ShackletonS. E. Wilson
R. CollingsD. S. M. ImrieW. K. M. SlimmingsM. Winterbottom
F. E. DixonA. L. JefferyL. H. StewartM. Woolf
H. H. ElliottL. JohnsonF. B. StubbsC. P. Wroth
J. A. FinckenC. B. JoynerMrs C. J. SumnerH. T. Young
M. FooksC. KoopMiss D. W. TaylorI. Young