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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
456 Jan 1981BALADINE normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. Allen BakerOne like Barnum and Bailey, endlessly prankinganag. less y; prank = dance; ref. P. T. Barnum, hoaxer
SecondT. AndersonWho makes a silly dial in mischief?anag. in bane, & lit.; buffoon
ThirdMrs D. B. JenkinsonAlma or Belinda a go-go?anag.
VHCE. A. BeaulahInvolved in a tricky deal, after the Baptist’s head: Salome?B + in in a + anag., & lit.
VHCE. J. BurgeTo get a meal from the edge of the lake – quack! (calling for a feed?)Bala + dine; charlatan
VHCD. A. CrosslandDancer in live panto’s no central characterAla(d)din in be; ’s = has
VHCP. DrummondMountebank supplying bride with a sort of romance for freebride with a Ladin for rid
VHCM. A. FurmanConcoction produced by this quack (out with him!) is unable to aidcomp. anag. & lit.; charlatan
VHCD. V. HarryThe end of Southern – I.B.A. deal topples provider of public entertainmentanag. incl. n; ref. broadcasters
VHCC. H. HudsonSee me perform – let off ballet, I end with a jigbal(let) + anag.
VHCA. JohnstoneI could be a live belly-dancer cleverly wriggling awaycomp. anag. & lit.
VHCH. W. MassinghamSuch as plugs sales in endless spurious patterad in ba(d) line, & lit.; charlatan
VHCL. MayPranking, I, and able to move freely roundanag. in anag., & lit.; buffoon
VHCD. P. M. MichaelTwister possibly anyone might see as an old mischief, lying about a racketa din in bale; charlatan
VHCJ. D. MooreFool from Albi – ‘âne d’Albi’ translatedanag.; French town; buffoon
VHCR. A. MostynExponent of playful badinage, changing gravity to a bit of laughteranag. with l for g, & lit.; buffoon
VHCJ. J. MurthaSpring in bed à la Nana?anag.; spring = explode; ref. Zola novel
VHCF. R. PalmerShow-biz type to make deal with Bani?anag.; ref. R. Reagan, B. Sadr, Iran hostage crisis
VHCH. R. SandersAppearing in live pantomime – no mean dancerAla(d)din in be, & lit.; mean3 = middle
VHCW. J. M. ScotlandE.g. —— might render ‘le badinage’comp. anag. & lit.; charlatan
VHCW. K. M. SlimmingsHe’d create a hubbub – a bit of by product from hopping about?a din in b(y) ale, & lit.
VHCJ. B. SweetingCould she, having energy, develop la bedaine? Oddly, yesanag. less E, & lit.; bedaine (Fr.) = paunch
VHCG. WilsonThis public dancer’s gyrations make Laban dieanag.; founder of dancing school

HCs in competition 456 awarded to:

W. AndersonN. C. GoddardP. W. W. LeachB. F. Russell
D. R. AppletonJ. J. GoulstoneM. A. Macdonald-CooperL. G. D. Sanders
D. AshcroftJ. F. GrimshawD. F. ManleyB. D. Smith
F. D. H. AtkinsonB. HancockC. H. MillerJ. G. Stubbs
M. BarnesE. L. HaywardC. G. MillinA. P. Vincent
J. R. BoothMrs R. HerbertW. L. MironA. J. Wardrop
Mrs A. BoyesMrs S. HewittC. J. MorseG. Wearing
G. BradbrookJ. P. H. HirstR. S. MorseJ. F. N. Wedge
A. J. BulmanE. M. HornbyD. S. NagleMrs J. Welford
Mrs D. ColleyJ. G. HullP. M. NavinM. G. Wilson
P. F. ColtmanJ. I. JamesR. J. PalmerPeter J. Woods
Mrs J. M. CritchleyB. K. KellyB. A. PikeL. C. Wright
N. C. DexterMiss F. S. KempD. E. RaeDr E. Young
P. S. ElliottR. E. KimmonsMrs S. W. Rees 
Rev S. W. FloydMrs M. E. KingsburyH. L. Rhodes 
J. GillM. D. LawsD. R. Robinson