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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
59 Sep 1947TAME normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. D. P. O’LearyCheck: mate in two movesi.e. mate is two letter moves from tame
FirstDr K. P. WhiteheadCheck, and mate in two movesi.e. mate is two letter moves from tame
ThirdM. L. HerzigTema con variazioni, senza vivacitàanag.; “theme with variations, without vigour” (It.)
HCC. Allen BakerDomestic required here. Apply 10 am. Non residentdomestic, adj.; anag. of te(n) a.m, i.e. non = no ‘n’
HCD. AshcroftThe side’s in a mess (and what a mess!) thanks to me not being gameanag. of team, hidden, ta me
HCMrs BairdVariations on a theme of Palestrina in A and E flati.e. tema with a and e swapped; ref. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Italian composer
HCRev H. N. BurtonWithout vigour the whole team is disorganised, even the vice-captainanag. of team and mate
HCH. ChownShrewd suggestion for mate in two moves. Dull? Well, at least you might thank me for it!T. of the Shrew; mate is two letter moves from tame; ta me
HCW. T. CliftK. takes P. might lead to mate in two moves (shrewd play but dull ending)Katharina and Petruchio, T. of the Shrew; mate is two letter moves from tame
HCB. C. DaviesTema con variazioni, dolce e tranquillo (and a word of thanks to the composer)anag. “theme with variations, sweet and quiet” (It.); ta me
HCF. E. DixonFlat, and what a mess it’s in!hidden
HCMiss J. FraserWe want different meat, possibly due to a surfeit of bullyanag.
HCS. HolgateThe team loses all its spirit when the right half is moved into the centrei.e. am goes inside te
HCF. P. HusseyFlat hunting? What a melancholy search!hidden
HCF. E. NewloveWet in Midlands and North: little change of temperature likely: dullrivers Tame in Midlands, Manchester; i.e. tame = not heated
HCR. C. PaynThere’s mincemeat, and you may find holly of a sort—but no spiritanags. of meat and mate; mate = holly
HCRev E. B. PeelKeep in check and mate in two movesi.e. mate is two letter moves from tame
HCA. RobinsDull here. Will strike camp and find flattestament less anag. of tents
HCW. RodgersCheck—and mate—in one2 meanings; mate2 = daunted
HCA. E. SmithDomestic gives us remains of yesterday’s joint and upsets wifeanags. of meat and mate; domestic, adj.
HCG. WagstaffHow dull a variation on a theme written by an Italian can be!anag. of tema, It. for theme

Runners-Up in competition 59:

Dr AspinwallCdr DicksonE. J. KenneyJ. H. Quincey
Rev L. BlackburnJ. H. DingwallJ. Campbell KerH. Rainger
Rev D. BurtonL. E. EyresC. KoopS. P. Shanahan
Mrs CaithnessH. L. FordMrs LaingL. E. Thomas
F. A. ClarkMrs FrithMrs MagruderCapt Tyers
D. L. ClementsS. B. GreenMaj Michael 
F. L. ConstableW. E. GreenE. H. Morris 
R. C. DavidsonC. B. JoynerMrs Porter