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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1446 Feb 2000NEWSPAPERDOM normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs E. M. PhairSweep, mop, darn, set to rights – that’s the province of dailiesanag.
SecondM. BarleyIt’s within the hurly-burly of me PA pen wordsanag. & lit.; Press Association
ThirdDr J. BurscoughIt’s the province of dailies to wield sweeper and mop, removing last trace of grimeanag. less e
VHCD. A. CampbellWarne sped Pom out in Packer’s realmanag.; ref. Shane W., Kerry P., cricket and media mogul
VHCP. CargillPress gang spared women ship’s term at seaanag. incl. p
VHCE. CrossPress centre of fastening down, Pampers needing adjustmentanag. incl. e; ref. nappies
VHCE. DawidModern pap we circulate – Sun included!S in anag., & lit.
VHCN. C. DexterWomen with drapes off occupy a page in the Sun etcp in anag.
VHCA. S. EverestPress home in on warped MEPs. Corrupt, more like!anag.
VHCD. GoddenIts bilious effusions are enough to make one spew – pardon meanag.
VHCC. R. GumbrellSee cod wrapped in some piece of its outputanag. less i, & lit; cod adj.
VHCJ. HastieOriginators of rumours and scandals, we pan Dome, with Page getting firedanag. incl. r, s, p, & lit.; ref. Millennium Dome, Jennifer P.
VHCR. HealdThose in ‘the rag trade’, using mediocre material, must sew modern clothingpap in anag.; must4
VHCR. HeskethRag trade tailors sew or mend stitching in bust part?pap (= nipple) in anag.
VHCM. D. LawsPen ample – left out sword for wielding here?anag., less l, & lit.
VHCI. MorganWomen’s dapper fashion industry (Rag Trade!)anag.
VHCC. J. MorseWe’d spare no MP going astrayanag. & lit.; ref. sleaze
VHCF. R. PalmerWhat can make you pawn in subtle admen’s power?p in anag., & lit.
VHCR. J. PalmerIts product’s possibly wrapped some rock-salmon finallyanag. incl. n, & lit.
VHCD. R. RobinsonEpsom pre-dawn work out for gathering of hacks?anag.
VHCD. H. TompsettWhimsically, per E. W., odd bits of ‘Scoop’ damns???!anag. incl. S(c)o(o)p, & lit.; ref. Evelyn Waugh novel
VHCJ. R. TozerMad with pen-power, Sun disgraces it?anag. incl. S, & lit.
VHCW. Wynne WillsonFleet Street warns dome needs reorganising with additional pepanag.; ref. Millennium Dome

HCs in competition 1446 awarded to:

F. AnstisH. FreemanD. F. ManleyN. Simpson
D. AppletonM. FreemanP. W. MarlowG. R. E. Spark
F. D. H. AtkinsonD. FrickerP. McKennaC. M. Steele
M. BathH. R. GallantreeC. G. MillinD. Sutherland
E. A. BeaulahB. GrabowskiT. J. MooreyC. W. Thomas
J. R. BeresfordG. I. L. GraftonR. Parry-MorrisMrs J. E. Townsend
Mrs F. A. BlanchardMrs S. D. JohnsonD. PendreyL. Ward
E. J. BurgeG. JohnstoneG. PerryA. J. Wardrop
B. BurtonR. JonesJ. RoseP. D. Wey
C. A. ClarkeL. M. KeetA. RothR. J. Whale
R. G. CroslandJ. P. LesterH. R. SandersMs B. Widger
V. DixonJ. C. LeylandL. SchwarzG. H. Willett
A. J. DornP. R. LloydW. J. M. ScotlandD. C. Williamson
D. DurranceW. F. MainN. G. Shippobotham