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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
84 Oct 1973MIRLIGOES / ILL-OMENED Right and Left21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstK. W. JohnsonJock’s dizziness, caused by topless female in centre of motorway, sets off unfortunate, mile long, mostly end-on crashes(g)irl in M1 + goes; anag. of mile l end-o(n)
SecondE. ChalkleyDizziness of Scots girl, one troubled with some unfortunate ailment, rambling about need to ring doctor upanag. incl. I; ill + MO (rev.) in anag.
ThirdMrs S. M. MacphersonSinister outcome of oilmen led astray staggers me – oil-rigs being sabotagedanag.; anag.; giddiness = staggers
VHCMrs A. J. BellNasty old men lie with unfortunate girls – love ’em I mean. Such giddiness!anag.; anag. incl. 0; mean = out of sorts
VHCR. S. CaffynDoom-laden, coming back from garden, emollients dispel soil, grime, vertigohidden rev.; anag.
VHCT. DwyerUnhappy, sick with prognosticated dizziness: some girl I got into troubleill omened; anag.
VHCMrs W. FearonUnlucky ailment predicted – giddiness. Some upset going round whirligig, one party taken offill omened; whirligig minus Whig in anag.
VHCDr B. GreerInauspicious, disorganized, disheartened Lenin model Russian community’s still without vitality in post-revolutionary stateanag. incl. Le(n)in; mir + go in lies; ’s still = lies
VHCP. HoltbyDamned silly old men lie absurdly grim lies about love experienced in the heather after a flinganag.; 0 in anag.
VHCE. HornbyWhirling some girl I vexed unhappy, queer “dollie-men”anag.; anag.
VHCA. D. LeggeSome girl, I – liberated – a product of revolution; star-crossed, left with leaderless females, I showed the way aroundanag.; l (w)omen in I led
VHCT. A. MartinDizzy dollie men? I’m filled with foreboding. For dizziness, some girl I fancy is the answeranag.; anag.
VHCC. J. MorseSome girl I wronged in a giddy spell – most unfortunate – has done me wrong after wronganag.; ill + anag.
VHCF. E. NewloveOld men lie here distraught, doomed; lie so grim, so forlorn, they make the senses reelanag.; anag.
VHCDr R. J. PalmerEffect of too much whisky? With a litre in drunken orgies, I’m hapless, sick, need MO badlyl. in anag.; ill + anag.
VHCW. H. PegramGiddiness troubling gomeril is unfortunate ailment – need MO badlyanag.; ill + anag.
VHCMrs E. M. PhairUnfortunate, this – crazy oil-men led ’em; oil rigs wrecked – a sympton of malaise in Scotlandanag.; anag.
VHCK. ReedOld men lie injured – a disastrous result of some scrimmaging round middle of whirligig?anag.; (wh)irlig(ig) in anag. & lit.
VHCG. D. SandersDizziness created by some girl I fancy – unfortunate moll I need badlyanag.; anag.
VHCJ. SteeleVertigo affects some – one girl unlucky; Mollie sways, comes to sad endanag. incl. I; anag. + anag.
VHCBrig R. F. E. StoneyConfused state of some girl I wrongly made sick with love over me has bad end threateninganag.; ill + 0 + me + anag.

HCs in competition 84 awarded to:

C. Allen BakerMrs G. FordDr P. D. KingJ. L. Moss
W. G. ArnottM. A. FurmanMrs P. M. V. LloydJ. N. Nesbitt
A. J. BulmanF. D. GardinerC. J. LoweM. Newman
E. J. BurgeJ. GoldmanR. M. LutyJ. T. Shaughnessy
C. O. ButcherJ. J. GoulstoneDr R. MajdalanyF. B. Stubbs
A. H. P. CardewF. GreenerD. MalColmD. J. Thorpe
T. G. CordesR. B. HarlingD. F. ManleyG. A. Tomlinson
Mrs M. P. CraineD. V. HarryS. M. MansellI. Torbe
A. J. CrowJ. G. HullH. S. MasonJ. F. N. Wedge
G. CuthbertH. W. JenkinsD. P. M. MichaelS. E. Woods
Flt Sgt J. DromeyR. E. KimmonsE. J. MillerW. J. Youngson