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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1207 Jul 1995EPOCH-MARKING normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstN. C. DexterChap at odds with Rome – one named Martin Luther – signalling new eraanag. + King
SecondC. LovingRome’s broken with chap by name of Martin Luther. What describes the event?anag. + King
ThirdM. BarleyChangeover for HK – with start of Peking era coming – is seen as this?anag. incl. P, & lit.
VHCMrs E. AllenMobile mini-krypton phone – magic! – heralding a new age?anag. incl. Kr
VHCE. A. BeaulahSignalling start of era Philip’s first, followed by turbulent macho king – one preeminent among mene + P + anag. + R + king; ref. P. of Macedon, Alexander the Great
VHCJ. R. BeresfordRecord Chopin waltzes with piece in G majorEP + mark in anag. + G
VHCMrs F. A. BlanchardPark echoing with a thousand revels, like VE observanceanag. incl. M
VHCC. J. BroughamWhat could ‘Beijing, Switching Leaders, Has Nothing Against The Odd March’ be?0 + anag., all in Peking with Pe switched, & lit.
VHCD. B. CrossIndicating new era with march round Peking to square?anag. incl. O; square = adjust
VHCR. DeanMad K. G. epic – no harm of historic significanceanag.; ref. ‘The Madness of King George’ film
VHCR. R. GreenfieldHMG back in power, reorganized, chucking out leaders of barmy wing. That could beanag. less b, w, & lit.
VHCC. R. GumbrellSee graphic in comic dealing with Mekon as characterizing an era?anag.; ref. Dan Dare in the former ‘Eagle’ comic
VHCP. F. HendersonChief male on ship getting pigeon flapping round? Such is the way we remember the great in history!Ch m + ark, all in anag.; ref. Nelson’s Column
VHCR. HeskethTraffic cop making her signalanag.
VHCE. M. HolroydLike Virgil’s epic? It sends Homer packinganag.; ref. The Aeneid, celebrating the founding of Rome
VHCJ. D. LockettChampion Greg getting a bit of kudos for good play. Indicative of a new era?anag. with k for g; ref. G. Rusedski
VHCMrs J. MackieLike original ‘Marathon’? (Greek champion’s run passing extreme of endurance previously)anag. less e; ref. Pheidippides
VHCD. F. ManleyLike change iron PM forced with no turning line?anag. less anag., & lit.; ref. Mrs Thatcher, 1980 Conservative Conference
VHCT. J. MooreyFamously weighty tenor might pack up (after cancelling time and time again)anag. less t, t; up = in an excited state; ref. Pavarotti
VHCC. J. MorseI’m revolutionary: I’m pro change with a bit of killing involvedanag. incl. k
VHCP. L. StoneEmbattled PM in charge OK – July 4th declaration had such effectanag.; ref. vote for Tory leadership and American Declaration of Independence
VHCR. C. TeutonMajor could be home packing accepting Redwood’s leaderR in anag.; ref. Tory leadership, John M., John R.
VHCR. J. WhalePM KO’ing each Right alternative is presaging a very long term?anag. incl. r

HCs in competition 1207 awarded to:

D. R. AppletonD. C. ClenshawD. J. MacKayR. N. Taylor
F. D. H. AtkinsonM. CoatesB. McCarthyC. W. Thomas
R. C. BellG. CummingG. L. McStravickD. H. Tompsett
R. E. BootR. A. EnglandC. G. MillinJ. R. Tozer
H. J. BradburyS. GoldieD. MitchellA. J. Wardrop
B. W. BrookMrs B. E. HendersonC. J. NapierI. J. Wilcock
E. J. BurgeI. A. HerbertMrs A. PriceD. Williamson
C. J. & M. P. ButlerT. JacobsD. Price JonesDr E. Young
A. G. ChamberlainF. P. N. LakeH. R. Sanders 
C. A. ClarkeJ. C. LeylandD. P. Shenkin 
M. J. ClarkeR. K. LumsdonJ. B. Sweeting