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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
17 Feb 1946SICCA normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. Hardie KierThe newer coin of the two a canny Scot mak’s sure ofsicca(R); R = rupee; newly minted coin
SecondH. T. R. TwyfordRs. 1; but you may add another r to make suresicca(r); Rs = rupees
ThirdS. B. GreenScotch firm loses rupee—so Chartered Accountant employed, and rupee discovered!sicca(R), sic CA
HCS. S. Blythe6 – X + 200 + a = 180 grains troy weìght (appx.)si(x) CC a; weight of sicca rupee
HCT. CarterA coin even a Scot can’t make sure ofsicca(r)
HCA. C. FoskettBasic Canadian contains at least one newly-coined word!hidden
HCMrs N. J. GriffinA rupee? The bill is mounting!acc. is (rev.)
HCSjt K. J. HardingThe coin is surely short of a king’s headsiccar less R(ex)
HCC. HelmeAs elsewhere, in India a Scot’s almost certain to make moneysicca(r)
HCGnr C. HerzigEven the dry parts of that old classic Caesar Book V. are worth two bob (India paper)hidden, 2 defs.; sicca (L.) = dry
HCSqn Ldr H. M. JamiesonIt has just received the official stamp, so back the billsic + ac. (rev.); newly minted coin
HCJ. W. KeithA chip of a new block—as the Hindu might saycryptic def.; chip slang for rupee; newly minted coin
HCW. L. MarshallAn integrant of geodesic calculus = 192 πhidden; sicca rupee = 192 pies
HCR. J. Munnings200 settled in the best part of Siam on one rupeeCC in Sia(m)
HCA. I. OldakerIf French account rises rupee goes down. (It sounds worse already!)si (Fr.) + acc. (rev.), ‘sicker’
HCJ. A. PlowmanThe rupee is lower by the sound of it—so my accountant says‘sicker’, sic CA
HCG. W. PughTo be sure, it should be a little longer, but it’s fresh and bright and will passsicca(r); newly minted coin
HCJ. H. QuinceyJust issued from the classic case of oriental numismaticshidden
HCR. C. Shorter“Almost sairtainly one and saxpence” sae said the Accountantsicca(r), sic + CA; value of sicca rupee; sic, sae = so
HCW. J. SwordsIn Poona Tommy calls it a chip, but not of the old block!cryptic def.; chip slang for rupee; newly minted coin
HCCapt C. Tyers, RNNo Scotsman can ever make quite sure of this bit of sillersicca(r)

No Runners-Up in competition 17