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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
183 Xmas 1951SAUSAGES normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstG. H. McConnellHave they the guts to retain their secrets? Some have been known to split under a grillingcryptic def.; ref. intestinal casings
SecondJ. W. BatesYou may find us wrapped up in the front bit of Saturday’s Timesus in Sa(turday’s) ages, & lit.
ThirdE. J. RackhamSome may stuff these comestibles, but they fill the discriminating with a certain amount of nausea(n)aus(ea) in sages; ref. to sage stuffing
HCJ. A. BlairThey’re just seasoning and a scrap of skin—with a bit of austerity fillingaus(terity) in sage, s(kin) & lit.; ref. poor quality of post-war s.
HCD. L. L. ClarkeIt takes us years and years to complete our make up. We’re generally browned off by breakfast timeSA (= it) + us + ages
HCT. DwyerPut us in grease (half the usual quantity) and cook with gasus in anag. of (gre)ase, gas, & lit.
HCD. J. FurleyRolls make one of their best vehicles—to show Professors round the States!USA in sages; ref. R. Royce / sausage rolls
HCC. E. GatesThe Springboks have been shown superior to us over a long period. They’re so compact of guts and brawnSA us ages; ref. S. rugby tour 1951/2
HCS. B. GreenWise-guys around the States often crack under a grillingUSA in sages; i.e. members of Mafia
HCP. A. HarrowBags with dubious contents are turned over when at the Customsas (rev.) + usages; as = when; ref. poor quality of post-war s.
HCP. T. HeathIt will take us a long time to get unrationed meatSA (= it), us, ages; other meats still rationed in 1952
HCA. R. M. HooperWhat’s inside their cases often concerns us, to say nothing of the South African CustomsSA, usages; ref. poor quality of post-war s.
HCG. G. LawrenceThey may be cooked to demonstrate the Aga’s usesanag. & lit.; ref. Aga cookers
HCD. P. LeggattAgas have their uses for cooking up theseanag. & lit.; ref. Aga cookers
HCA. D. MitchnerIt’s a recognised practice in the S.S.—grill ‘em till they split, it won’t save their skinsa usage in SS
HCD. MurrayCambridge is famous for these Union practices(Union of) SA + usages; ref. C. sausages / C. Union
HCA. C. NorfolkEven if you knock the stuffing out of them, they’ll still show bags of guts!cryptic def.; ref. intestinal casings
HCR. PostillSimply a habit Sunday after Sunday? We’re prepared for scoffersS + a usage + S
HCH. RaingerWe have little meat now as a result of South America’s grasping treatmentusage in SA’s; ref. meat ration cuts resulting from Argentinian export restrictions / poor quality of post-war s.
HCJ. F. SmithSouth American customs are mysteries: why can’t we have more meat?SA usages; ref. meat ration cuts resulting from Argentinian export restrictions/poor quality of post-war s.
HCP. H. TaylorA guess as to their contents? You’d better omit to!anag. of a guess as; ref. poor quality of post-war s.
HCF. L. UsherTurkey’s satellites have no longer any real guts—literally or figurativelycryptic def., ref. Christmas dinner; ref. poor quality of post-war s., and Turkey’s ‘satellite cities’ restricting refugees after the 1951 UN convention
HCA. R. WheelerSouth African customs are full of mystery—but the brown skins are only the result of the heatSA, usages; ref. poor quality of post-war s.
HCI. YoungMaybe beefy packs, with skinny outsides, are South African traditionsSA, usages; ref. S.A. rugby tour 1951/2

Runners-Up in competition 183:

E. S. AinleyMiss B. GriffithFlt Lt W. O. MitchellW. K. M. Slimmings
C. A. BakerR. J. HallC. J. MorseO. Carlton Smith
J. F. B. BuntingC. H. HudsonMrs J. NorrisE. B. Stevens
Mrs M. M. BushR. N. H. HughmanMrs A. M. OsmondJ. W. H. Stokes
M. de L. CartledgeJ. G. HullRev E. B. PeelL. T. Stokes
Rev B. ChapmanL. R. HuxtableG. H. PodmoreH. G. Tattersall
J. G. ChilversF. JacksonD. W. ReedsJ. Thompson
F. A. ClarkMrs L. JarmanH. Ingram ReesJ. Vallely
H. F. DixonW. KeirE. W. RichartJ. A. Watson
W. M. EastherVery Rev N. M. KennabyM. H. RiderJ. B. Widdowson
W. J. EmersonF. P. N. LakeH. B. RidleyG. H. Wilkins
Miss R. LeS. FilleulJ. P. LloydA. RobinsM. Woolf
A. B. GardnerC. J. LoweS. G. RoseJ. S. Young
Mrs R. C. GilliatMiss J. S. LumsdenM. R. Sampford 
Rev J. G. GrahamMiss N. J. MeldrumT. E. Sanders