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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
245 Aug 1953GLAMOUR / SOPRANO Right and Left16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. Hardie KeirTop-line artiste uses “no soap” recipe for make-up—it entails only a very short time in a mud-packanag. incl. r; mo in glaur
SecondC. J. MorseParson’s wild with love for a lady chorister. It’s just a passing affair to the heartless girlanag. incl. 0; g(ir)l + amour, & lit.
ThirdC. P. ReaPitched pretty high—steady backward defensive work? No, try and hit into it. A sign of hesitation and there’s an appealso + ARP (rev.) + no; lam in go + ur
HCE. S. AinleyWhat entrances Miss Connolly makes, wearing white! Her air is lofty and so quiet—a divinity—a neat little number!Mo in glaur: so p Ra no.; ref. Maureen ‘Little Mo’ C., tennis player; glaur = glair in contemporary ed. of C.
HCC. Allen BakerChorister gets parson intoxicated with love—charm composed of pill in white of eggsanag. incl. 0; MO in glaur; pill = doctor; glaur = glair in contemporary ed. of C.
HCJ. W. BatesOne of the choir, in love with the bashful parson—it’s the cause of plenty of rumour in connection with the saucy gal!anag. incl. 0; anag. of rumo(ur) gal & lit.
HCJ. A. FinckenI can warble like this for about an hour without a breath—with a Welsh background, it’s enchantingso + an in pro; GIam(organ) + (h)our; i.e. unaspirated
HCMrs N. FisherIt’s Bing’s finale with his partner, as the pair put over a number, that makes this part of the musicalg + Lamour; so pr. a no.; ref. B. Crosby, Dorothy L., co-stars in ‘Road’ films
HCS. GoldieWhat was it, the attraction of a Peach Melba? So soft, then melted away to nothingcryptic def.; so p ran 0; ref. Dame Nellie M.
HCR. M. GraceGirl having lost heart over an affair means to bewitch singer high repute or bewitch parson with loveg(ir)l + amour; anag. incl. 0; glamour, vb.
HCR. W. HawesIt’s the essence of a Peach Melba—something soaked and curdled with nothing addedcryptic def.; sop ran 0; ref. Dame Nellie M.
HCL. JohnsonIt’s typical of a siren, beginning at midnight, to give some nasty knocks to our disorderly A.R.P. and so on, making high-pitched sounds(ni)g(ht) + lam + our; anag.
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsShe sings opera in a tattered bit of sarong—the merest remnant of sarong—and the French love it!op. in anag. of saron(g); (saron)g + l’amour
HCMrs A. L. StevensonAlluring quality of a Peach Melba, par excellence!cryptic def.; cryptic def.; ref. Dame Nellie M.
HCF. B. StubbsA spot of gIad-eye leading to a full-blooded affaire—it looks as if the parson’s frantic with love for a girl in the choirg + l’amour, & lit.; anag. incl. 0
HCM. WoolfThe attraction of a Peach Melba, perhaps, is the top partcryptic def.; 2 mngs.; ref. Dame Nellie M.

Runners-Up in competition 245:

T. E. BellR. A. DehnJ. P. LloydE. B. Stevens
J. A. BlairE. R. EvansA. W. MaddocksL. T. Stokes
P. L. BoyntonC. E. GatesS. L. PatonF. L. Usher
A. BrazierC. P. GrantE. R. PrenticeJ. Vallely
D. L. L. ClarkeS. B. GreenE. J. RackhamH. Walsham
J. ColebyD. HawsonH. RaingerE. F. Watling
R. M. S. CorkF. G. IllingworthA. RobinsJ. B. Welman
G. N. CoulterSir P. LairdM. H. SandsJ. S. Young
C. R. DeanM. A. LassmanE. O. Seymour