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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
443 Jul 1957HALF-SEAS-OVER normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. R. Dean“Ah for a vessel” that’s not right; what comes before “full of the warm South”?anag.; ref. Keats, ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, “Oh for a beaker”
SecondE. O. SeymourIs merry—sort of—has several to get in this stateanag. & lit.
ThirdG. PerryIn mid-ocean—Drifting—S.O.S.—Have flare lit upanag., 2 defs.; lit up = drunk
HCR. F. S. ChignellHavers of ales can get thusanag. & lit.
HCA. E. CrowA sheet in the wind! Ho! Vessel afar! Put about!anag.; see a s. in the w. under sheet2
HCF. H. W. HawesHe fears Oval’s ruined, would not stand up to test, bring well soakedanag.
HCMrs L. JarmanRendering the lash: verse of a medley between ports?anag. & lit.; port wine
HCJ. Hardie KeirAt the “point of no return,” between one harbour “bar” and another?double mng.; ref. to drinking
HCH. LyonHave far less, love! If you mix it you’ll be getting ——!anag. incl. 0, & lit.
HCC. J. MorseAmazing! Safe solver foully misrepresented—clued as semi-inebriate!ha + anag.; ref. last puzzle [see comments]
HCE. J. RackhamConsuming more than share of ales—five more, to be exactanag. + V, & lit.
HCA. RobinsRoaming afar, she loves being at the point—or pint!—of no returnanag.
HCT. E. SandersIf you push the boat out this far, you’ll get wet!double mng.; wet = drunk
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsI’m somewhat top-heavy—others (reduced to a skeleton) have false bustsanag. of o(the)rs have false; top-heavy = tipsy
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsOne may come to blether about a self-created wrong in this conditionanag. of a self + so in haver, & lit.
HCL. E. ThomasA point one is likely to reach eventually in passing from port to portdouble mng.; port wine
HCA. J. YoungBetween shores, or having to be propped up2 mngs.; ref. drinking; shore1,2
HCJ. S. YoungSixpence each and a shilling to spare—a bit tight!half s. ea. s. over

Runners-Up in competition 443:

C. Allen BakerA. H. CloughR. J. LawrenceR. Postill
P. C. BarclayCdr H. H. L. DicksonA. F. LerrigoCapt W. H. W. Ridley
Miss R. L. BennDr W. M. EastherDr T. J. R. MaguireL. T. Stokes
E. BoyceJ. A. FinckenA. D. MattockF. B. Stubbs
C. M. BrounA. L. FreemanI. McGiveringJ. Ward
C. O. ButcherE. GomersallW. L. MironM. Woolf
Mrs F. L. CareH. GreenbergJ. J. Moore 
P. R. ClemowV. JenningsA. P. O’Leary