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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
447 Aug 1957TOUSLE normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstA. RobinsLet us stand by the Sovereign, beset by extreme Member—and let’s see the end of the matter!us + L (£1) in toe: end = object; matter = one who mats; ref. article by John Grigg, 2nd Baron Altrincham, attacking the Queen, Aug 1957
SecondMrs E. ShackletonDifficult to manage with a crew cut to merely 50 in regular employmentto + L in use; i.e. crew-cut
ThirdC. Allen BakerTop-of-the-table United lose disastrously!” That’s sure to upset somebody’s perm!t(able) + U in anag.; ref. football pools
HCC. R. DeanWith all the French failing to agree, what can you expect but disorder?tous le (Fr.); i.e. does not agree grammatically; ref. Treaty of Rome
HCF. E. DixonThe lure of the States takes them in, with a result like “Rock and Roll”US in tole2; them = US
HCMrs N. FisherTo act as tumblers do in engaging locks?double mng.; engage (arch.) = entangle; tumbler = part of lock mechanism
HCS. GoldieGet that crazy hair-do! Absolutely remodelled, after having ends (skilfully!) trimmedanag. of (ab)solute(ly), i.e. ably removed
HCDr T. O. HughesBreak out with the head of a sledgehammer. To do so rends the locks asunderanag. of out sle(dgehammer)
HCC. KoopIt’s a rather ’iggledy-piggledy ’otel you’ll find us in: you’ll have to rough things!us in anag.
HCA. F. LerrigoThis is what they do to the countryside. Litter louts! Let everyone start to put an end to themanag. + e; litter, vb. imp.
HCC. J. MorseComplicated locks use the action of tumblers2 mngs.; tumbler = part of a lock mechanism
HCF. E. NewloveA shock to the learner in practice!to + L in use
HCD. A. NichollsHerbert Morrison’s tip-top in a riotous Left-wing scuffle!hidden, 2 defs.; ref. H.M.’s hairstyle
HCR. PostillIf you put clumsy louts on the end of a line, what do you expect?anag. + e, & lit.; production line
HCMaj J. N. PurdonIn our view the French Coalition has produced a piece of iniquitous legislation which will mean disorderto us + le (Fr.), hidden; ref. Treaty of Rome
HCK. ReedResult of a perm? Far from it!anag. less far; perm (vb. imp.) = permute
HCMiss D. W. TaylorBrand-new driver dropped in t’ river! Enough to get a Braid discomposed!L in t’ Ouse; learner driver; ref. James Braid, golfer, d. 1950

Runners-Up in competition 447:

J. W. BatesD. HawsonP. H. MorganJ. Thompson
E. A. BeaulahR. N. H. HughmanG. M. NeighbourD. H. Tompsett
T. E. BellW. B. JamiesonD. V. NortheyCapt C. Tyers
C. O. ButcherMrs L. JarmanL. S. PearceT. G. Wellman
Mrs CaithnessV. JenningsG. PerryC. E. Williams
A. E. ClaytonJ. Hardie KeirE. G. PhillipsM. Woolf
J. A. FinckenMrs M. R. MalcolmG. H. RavenorJ. S. Young
Maj A. H. GilesJ. MannW. K. M. Slimmings 
S. B. GreenMrs E. McFeeF. B. Stubbs 
R. J. HallD. P. M. MichaelH. G. Tattersall