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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
460 Nov 1957ASTONISHMENT Misprints18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstH. S. TribeOpen winder? Then no mats is shakenwonder; anag.
SecondRev E. G. RileyIn confusion the man sits on a sarong feeling that the unexpected has happenedstrong; anag.
ThirdMrs E. McFeeMisdirected stone hits man—it may well be the cause of a gashgasp; anag.
HCMrs R. M. BarclayAte mints on Sat.—he’s rather upset!awe; anag.
HCV. E. BrookeThis Eton man’s degenerate; a kind of ape!awe; anag.
HCP. R. ClemowI am fonder of men that sin so wantonlywonder; anag.
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonThe fog encircling us produces it in many though possibly not in the massdog; anag.
HCJ. A. FloodWanderer’s experience holds the Villa players in this rough-and-tumblewonderer’s; Aston + men in anag.; ref. football, Aston V., Bolton W.s
HCC. E. GatesVilla-like, maybe, and antique semi-detached kind of shackshock; i.e. Aston-ish + ment (ming. vb.); ref. Aston Villa FC
HCE. GomersallSociety and fashionable people are wrapped up in terrier’s lot, rising above yonder!wonder; S tonish men in TA (rev.)
HCW. HoughMoths in a nest that crows are raised in—very tatty-lookingbrows; anag.
HCV. JenningsTake a street full of stylish males, and see the effect of a stocking!shocking; a + tonish men in St
HCW. L. MironWhat Wanderers show the Villa is of horrifying significance for old United!wonderers; Aston is H ment (ming, vb.); H = horrific, old film classification; ref. football, Aston V., Bolton W.
HCR. PostillOne needn’t show it when one’s wife casually mentions hats!wise, i.e. having foreknowledge; anag.
HCT. E. SandersChaps like the Villa need a leader for the team—that’s what makes Wanderers what they arewonderers; i.e. Aston-ish men + t; ref. football, Aston V., Bolton W.
HCT. A. J. SpencerThis means not drunken, though often whistled in aleawe; anag.; to w. one’s astonishment; whistled = drunk
HCF. B. StubbsIt comes naturally to the Wanderers to smash ten in willy-nillywonderers; anag.; ref. Bolton W. FC
HCJ. ThompsonReading, oddly enough, isn’t on Thames—makes one ponder!wonder; anag.; i.e. reading oddly

Runners-Up in competition 460:

C. Allen BakerD. L. L. ClarkeC. KauffmanM. G. Powell-Davies
E. A. BeaulahJ. CorderyB. K. KellyMiss D. W. Taylor
T. E. BellC. R. DeanG. L. KennabyMrs E. Trythall
C. M. BrounMrs N. DeanA. W. MaddocksCapt C. Tyers
C. O. ButcherL. E. EyresD. P. M. MichaelJ. F. N. Wedge
R. F. S. ChignellS. GoldieC. J. MorseMrs M. Wishart
R. N. ChignellS. B. GreenG. PerryC. P. Wroth
A. N. ClarkMrs L. JarmanS. Plumb