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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1264 Aug 1996TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS Right and Left20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. R. TozerA good game when you’re three, wooden blocks bore energetic over-fours at playdrill in tree; anag.
SecondR. J. HooperEager over-fours replaced game for under-fours with train set in box, perhapsanag.; drill in tree
ThirdMrs B. E. HendersonPractice needed in family table game with three very keen over-fours playingdrill in tree; anag.
VHCD. AshcroftGetting cross earlier about regular practice results in cards for three over fours, wildly excited!drill in tree; anag.; ref. golf
VHCH. J. Bradbury‘Appassionata’ arranged for us over fifties (retired, arthritic): it’s played with three handsanag.; anag. incl. LL
VHCP. CargillNavigating erred till it has part of deck split in three or four – vessel not half foundering: urgent!anag.; anag. incl. ves(sel)
VHCC. A. ClarkeOld wood broken by repeated practice, game played with 3 iron taking 5 with short exclamation that’s vehement!drill in tree; V O! in ferrous
VHCN. C. DexterWhat may produce deal around school? Game with three only – so game with four and over’s Outdrill in tree; anag.; so game = very spirited
VHCDr I. S. FletcherOrrell, after losing first, tied cracking game with pack enthusiastic over four converted tries finallyanag. less O; anag. + s; ref. RU side
VHCF. P. N. LakePrimate’s in his element specifying activity for Trinity Sunday – four masses with old Rev, unusually full of zealdrill3 in tree; anag. incl. S. o
VHCJ. C. LeylandIt’s over for us playing as fans rile ref endlessly till red cards for threeanag.; anag. less f
VHCR. K. LumsdonMethod actor pens play for three devout Revs., or four if right cast freedrill in Tree; anag. incl. fou(r); ref. Sir Beerbohm T.
VHCM. A. Macdonald-CooperUse for devil’s books as material in service? Typically zealous, Bible or nothing’s featured in tracts Scots holddrill2 in tree; RV or 0 in feus; service2 tree
VHCT. J. MooreyDevoted following’s ‘mucked about’ over reduced square, our indoor pastime’s well-tried recipe changed without a bit of warningf + anag. incl. s; anag. less w; ref. AZ diagram size
VHCC. J. MorseLet Rugby League’s beginners ride rough in game played with pack of 30 ardent milling over-foursanag. incl. RL; anag.; t. played with 30 cards
VHCC. PearsonIn four overs bowled, ‘Fiery’ routine splits timber. I’m game for threeanag.; drill in tree; ref. ‘Fiery’ Fred Trueman
VHCM. SandersonThirty is tops in this game: e.g. elder must take training to heart, hot having played four oversdrill in tree; anag.
VHCJ. B. SweetingCoaching practice in wood may yield cards for three over fours if not straight with drivedrill in tree; anag.; ref. golf
VHCA. J. WardropBaboon in its natural habitat provides amusement for three over-fours, cavorting with zealdrill3 in tree; anag.
VHCD. WilliamsonFour overs to go: Fiery Fred, doffing cap, has to bowl out Aussie’s tail in game for threeanag.; (F)red in trill + e; ref. F. Trueman

HCs in competition 1264 awarded to:

M. P. BartonDr C. D. S. FieldP. R. LloydMiss D. W. Taylor
E. A. BeaulahP. D. GaffeyJ. D. LockettG. Telfer
M. BerryS. GoldieE. LoobyL. L. A. Trethewey
Mrs F. A. BlanchardE. GomersallC. J. LoweMrs M. P. Webber
C. BoydB. GrabowskiD. F. ManleyR. J. Whale
E. J. BurgeJ. E. GreenC. G. MillinJ. P. Wheatcroft
B. BurtonJ. F. GrimshawF. R. PalmerM. A. L. Willey
C. J. & M. P. ButlerC. R. GumbrellJ. PearceS. Woods
Mrs M. J. CansfieldR. J. HannamG. PerryDr E. Young
E. CrossP. F. HendersonDr T. G. Powell 
G. CuthbertR. HeskethD. R. Robinson 
R. V. DeardenM. D. LawsP. L. Stone