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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1572 Jul 2002SHIELD-MAY normal25


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. F. ManleyA possible representation of M. Hilda, yes?anag. & lit.; ref. Margaret H. Thatcher
SecondR. J. WhaleIf order not followed, she could cause Hel dismayanag. & lit.; ref. Norse mythology
ThirdJ. R. BeresfordAmazon order mailed with shrink wrappinganag. in shy; ref. mail-order company
VHCD. AppletonWild woman, Gerhilde (say) is this (‘Ring’, Wagner)comp. anag. incl. 0, & lit.
VHCW. G. ArnottA lass like Joan of Arc in the king’s absence led his army into conflictanag. less R
VHCRev Canon C. M. BrounWarring maiden and ‘he-lady’ is …anag. incl. m, & lit.
VHCDr J. BurscoughTough bird? It’s unknown when Delia Smith’s cooking!anag. with y for it
VHCC. J. & M. P. ButlerFeisty female in fling spinning media lineanag. incl. l in shy
VHCC. A. ClarkeVirago published, there being no bar, raunchy, gay chapteranag. less pub + May; feminist publishers
VHCG. Cuthbert‘Milady’, she? Not so – hies madly into conflictanag., anag., & lit.
VHCR. V. DeardenStirring in support, she could give us Hippolyta’s mindercomp. anag. & lit.; ref. Queen of Amazons
VHCE. G. FletcherI need to change to make me ladyishanag. & lit.
VHCR. R. GreenfieldMild? She? That’s unusual, certainlyanag. + ay, & lit.
VHCJ. GrimesAli: ‘My daughter, she trained as a fighting woman’anag. incl. d; ref. Laila A., boxer and daughter of Muhammad A.
VHCG. JohnstoneValhalla opened up for me as I held my ‘slain’anag.; Valkyries transported dead heroes from battlefield to V.
VHCJ. McGregorEmail’s handy (but not anonymous), used in order for Amazonanag. less an.
VHCT. J. MooreyNo sort for knitting, this lady’s more for hittinganag. less anag., & lit.
VHCC. J. MorseMailed she – sounds cross-dressedSpoonerism & lit.
VHCR. J. PalmerMaid seen involved with hostility – one tit is possibly cut offanag. less anag., & lit.; ref. Amazons’ supposed practice of removing one breast to facilitate archery
VHCD. A. SimmonsShe’d fail army manoeuvres? Far from it!anag. less far, & lit.
VHCT. SmithShe carries one left dead at the threshold of Midgard to eternityI in she + l d M ay, & lit.; ref. Valkyrie
VHCP. L. StoneCover girl? Breast reduction improved her pulling powershield may2; ref. supposed practice of Amazons
VHCR. C. TeutonWild ‘male-ish’ lady? Not halfanag. incl. (la)dy, & lit.
VHCJ. R. TozerBritannia? I’m shapely form adorning old penny (not new one)d in anag. less p
VHCA. J. WardropLadyish me? That’s not how I usually appearanag. & lit.

HCs in competition 1572 awarded to:

Mrs S. BakerE. CrossF. P. N. LakeA. J. Redstone
M. BarleyC. DaffernDr J. P. LesterD. R. Robinson
E. A. BeaulahD. J. Dare-PlumptonJ. C. LeylandM. Sanderson
Mrs F. A. BlanchardL. J. DavenportP. R. LloydMrs E. J. Shields
M. J. BlandR. DeanC. LovingN. G. Shippobotham
J. G. BoothN. C. DexterR. K. LumsdonD. J. Short
H. J. BradburyV. DixonS. G. G. MacDonaldR. Straker
C. J. BroughamA. J. DornW. F. MainA. Streatfield
E. J. BurgeC. M. EdmundsP. W. MarlowK. Thomas
B. BurtonH. FreemanC. G. MillinD. H. Tompsett
D. A. CampbellR. GriffinR. MurdochA. P. Vincent
Mrs M. J. CansfieldC. R. GumbrellW. MurphyD. J. Ward
M. CasserleyR. B. HarlingT. D. NichollM. J. E. Wareham
D. C. ClenshawJ. HarriesR. A. NortonW. B. Wendt
R. CohenD. HarrisF. R. PalmerP. O. G. White
P. ColesJ. HawkinsJ. ParkeP. B. G. Williams
N. ConnaughtonP. HayG. PerryD. C. Williamson
R. M. S. CorkR. J. HealdR. PhillipsM. J. Wright
A. CoxR. HeskethD. Price JonesDr E. Young
K. W. CrawfordR. J. HooperD. Rainford