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T. E. Sanders1951516164244226Mar 1946Jun 1984
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
631INTERLOCKEngrave ringlet for couple getting engagedinter lock; engrave2
414UNBOSOMERBust-reducing agent? Rub some on bust – gets a lot off the chestanag., 2 defs.
221PADDY-WHACKIre-lander?paddy whack, & lit.; lander = heavy blow
62SOLITAIRESNo Double Diamonds? In the sun one gets weary without onesol I + a in tires; without = outside; ref. beer
Ximenes competitions
708HEARTSThe Rear Admiral’s on the quarter-deck and gives encouragementanag. incl. RA’s, 2 defs.; on = getting drunk; deck of cards; heart, vb.
325MARRYINGWhat’s the mater doing? She’s done that once, we hope!cryptic def.; mate vb.
186ASHMOLEANA wood-pile if old is just the place to harbour the ant.ash mole an2; ant. = antiquities; mole5, pile2 = pier
154RABBITSaving up a little does multiply it quicklybar (= except) (rev.) + bit; does = females
135STRIPPEDLost the thread and dropped every stitch2 mngs.
130MODERNCurrent’s just right for the fleet to get under waymode RN
123LEECHESOne Minister of Health in an Attlee-Churchill coalition would not be enough!sing. hidden in Attlee-Churchill; M. of H. = doctor; ref. impending Gen. Election, Feb 1950
106HELIOTROPEI laid into the slave with a rope end for making a bloomerI in helot + rope
57THEORBOSGot the ball on the bony part of the nose, but pluckily played onthe orb (n)os(e); os = bone
55NAUSEANTThe reappearance of the sun before the first of April will bring back the swallowsanag. of sun ante A
19SCREENINGSRefuse showings of films as they have not been passed3 mngs.