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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
708 Aug 1962HEARTS normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. E. SandersThe Rear Admiral’s on the quarter-deck and gives encouragementanag. incl. RA’s, 2 defs.; on = getting drunk; deck of cards; heart, vb.
SecondC. Allen BakerWhat comes at the end of every sentence in a stag-party? “Cheers!”e in harts
ThirdL. E. EyresThey’re more valuable than diamonds: one kind is worth more than a whole tiara2 mngs.; suit rank; i.e. one that is kind; ref. Tennyson, “K. h. are more than coronets”
HCR. J. AtkinThese grow with ease—Viola tricolor—related to the pulsesheart’s(-ease)
HCRev C. M. BrounThey beat others one-nil, possiblyanag. with a for 0, & lit.; football team
HCB. BurtonStags surrounding English does form a solid massE in harts; does, vb.
HCA. L. FreemanLeftish organs circulating red material among memberscryptic def.
HCS. GoldieElastic-sided pumps—everyone’s wearing them; last you a life-time; half-heel, semi-straight backhe(el) + stra(ight) (rev.)
HCMrs S. MacphersonPay attention to trumps! Discard the remnant: four are enough for gamehear t(rump)s; ref. bridge
HCDr T. J. R. MaguireWe of the leather-coat class generated old-time russetsmiddle letters, & lit.; ref. apples, cores containing pips
HCC. J. MorseSpurs’ equivalent among the Scottish clubs—you won’t find clubs ranking higher than them!2 mngs.; spurs, vb.; football teams
HCR. E. ScratonJack Tars must be properly dressed for the quarter-deck!he + anag.; jack = male; deck of cards
HCT. L. StrangeBosoms that set the pulses throbbing—have a squint at hers!anag., 2 defs.; squint, adj.
HCF. B. StubbsSpirits for the quarter deck—cheers!3 mngs.; deck of cards
HCP. H. TaylorBeaters may cause flush and perhaps draw the game—in Scotland, of course3 mngs.; football team
HCMiss D. W. TaylorOrgans are often played in the Ambassador Theatre. (If one fails, you might fall back on the piano!)HE Arts, 2 defs.
HCG. R. WebbHe leads ace with little strong backing in the suithe A + str. (abbr.) (rev.)

Runners-Up in competition 708:

T. E. BellK. GibsonMrs L. JarmanE. R. Prentice
Capt A. S. BirtJ. GoldmanV. JenningsA. Robins
R. S. CaffynE. GomersallCapt G. LanghamW. Rodgers
A. R. ChandlerW. F. GoodmanF. A. LaraA. G. Rowlinson
A. E. CrowR. G. HamiltonA. LawrieR. J. Steel
G. H. DicksonR. W. HawesP. W. W. LeachJ. B. Sweeting
L. L. DixonD. HawsonP. H. MorganG. H. Willett
T. DwyerJ. G. HullM. NewmanM. Woolf
J. A. FinckenF. G. IllingworthMrs N. Perry