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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
325 Feb 1955MARRYING normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. E. SandersWhat’s the mater doing? She’s done that once, we hope!cryptic def.; mate vb.
SecondR. PostillAfter this the Senorita loses her sex-appeal!i.e. Señorita less it = Señora
ThirdMaj P. S. BainesConjugation involves the right endings in grammar—very trying!(gram)mar (ve)ry (try)ing
HCG. F. BamfordTrains are often held up at this junction before breakfastcryptic def.; wedding breakfast
HCH. BernardOnce indeed, gin rummy included making pairsmarry + anag.; see rum2
HCC. M. BrounUnite once and for ever in it—the inclusion of short bishop’s address perfects it!RR in ay in ming, & lit.
HCC. P. DearnleyJoining up? Ring Army exchangeanag.
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonThere’s more to it than putting the ring on a girl; it needs a change of hearti.e. y,r swapped in Mary ring, & lit.
HCMrs D. M. D’EathThe army has half shares with the ring in a contract to increase holdings in armsanag. of army ring
HCW. J. EmersonAutomatically putting the lines in order, so that no longer shall we hear that the subscribers are engagedcryptic def.
HCJ. A. Maxtone GrahamTo the backward, sheepish male it’s the finish of Bunburying!ram (rev.) + (Bunbu)rying, & lit.; ref. Imp. of Being Earnest; see Bunbury in C.
HCL. R. HuxtableWinning hand involves conventional response to call of two heartscryptic def.
HCE. G. IllingworthMatch in which a Queen gets her foot entangled in a hoopi.e. y of Mary inside ring
HCC. B. JoynerThe making of a long partnership—take May in with Graveney just startinganag. of r. May in Gr(aveney); ref. Peter M. and Tom G., England cricketers
HCA. F. LerrigoKing’s favourite pursuit seems to ’ave got ’im in a rare old mix’Arry in ming; ref. Henry VIII
HCA. RobinsProspect for promising bachelor, having rashly (extremely!) invested in a ringMA + r(ashl)y in ring, & lit.
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsWhat put the Cockney into the clutches of such an old china?’Arry in Ming, & lit.
HCH. G. TattersallReciprocal piston ring embodying rotary terminal coupling that should last a lifetimeram (rev.) + y in ring
HCH. S. TribeDoubled rooks, in games dominated by the queen, look like ensuring a mateR,R in maying; see May in C.
HCL. K. UptonIn transferring a number under a thousand, subtract one hundred, putting a circle round one of the digitsM + (C)arrying; wedding ring
HCF. L. UsherThe metal used in this form of linking is circular in shape: the triangular type is liable to fracturecryptic def.; love triangle
HCJ. S. YoungIndulging in a lottery—without the Yard once interfering!y in marring

Runners-Up in competition 325:

D. AmblerMrs V. E. DuncanG. G. LawranceJ. Saunders
Dr S. H. AtkinsMrs & Miss EldingJ. D. LockettJ. C. W. Springbett
C. Allen BakerL. E. EyresRev P. W. LowBrig R. F. E. Stoney
J. W. BatesJ. A. FinckenC. R. MalcolmF. B. Stubbs
M. H. BenolielA. S. G. FishD. P. M. MichaelJ. A. L. Sturrock
Mrs G. BonsallMrs N. FisherW. L. MironMiss D. W. Taylor
J. A. C. BrownE. GomersallJ. J. MooreJ. D. Thomas
P. BrownJ. H. GoodyearP. H. MorganI. Torbe
C. O. ButcherR. M. GraceC. J. MorseA. Walsh
Rev B. ChapmanMrs K. GrahamF. E. NewloveJ. F. N. Wedge
P. M. CoombsP. GraystoneS. L. PatonDr & Mrs R. N. P. Wilson
J. CorderyS. B. GreenH. R. PerkinsE. Woodburn
R. M. S. CorkJ. O. HallG. W. PughP. Young
I. CousinsRev A. D. HodgsonE. J. Rackham 
V. F. DixonJ. G. HullA. R. Read 
W. J. DuffinMrs L. JarmanW. Rennie