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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
261 Dec 1953DECANTER normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. Allen BakerThe cause of somewhat unintelligible talk in a stag-party?cant1 in deer, & lit.
SecondS. B. GreenWhat’s tilted does perhaps get passed round!cant2 in deer, & lit.
ThirdMrs N. FisherTo fill the pen up you have to tilt the bottlecant2 in reed (rev.); reed = pen
HCT. E. BellA “dead centre” could be a repository for the departed spirits of dead men!anag. incl. d. (= dead); d. m. = empty bottles
HCD. L. L. ClarkeSoak up and you could get pretty well canned before you’ve got it all down!anag. of can(n)ed + ret (rev.), & lit.
HCP. M. CoombsThis must be put a stop to when one gets in half cannedcan(ned) in deter, & lit.
HCW. J. DuffinThe liquor bottle renounced? Not quite—doctor’s order does not allow it to be!i.e. recanted with Dr exchanged
HCL. E. EyresFlagon calling (not in vain!) for a Horatian Odedecanter (L.) = let me be sung, & lit.
HCC. E. GatesNot necessarily a bottle of whisky, but does (as often as not) hold Scotch with a high content of spiritcant4 in deer, & lit. [see comments]
HCRev A. D. HodgsonDecorative home for the Scotch—ten-acred—restored throughoutanag.
HCD. E. HodgsonThe easy going at Camptown ensures a clean finish in the last lap‘de’ canter; ref. song ‘Camptown Races’
HCW. I. N. KesselThis month’s so short—aren’t presents a vexation? People get liquor out of meDec + anag.; presents vb.
HCC. KoopIn me you see that drawn, down-trodden expression after losing the depositcryptic def.; ref. wine-making, lees
HCD. P. M. MichaelDrunk from nectared bumbling among summer-tide Canterbury-bellsanag., hidden
HCJ. E. PoveyJolly decent, R. A. Butler, but not when his duties touch our silveranag.; jolly vb.; butler = one who decants; ref. R. A. B., Chancellor
HCMrs E. ShackletonTip for tots—put a list in a drawer for Santa!cant2 in deer; i.e. reindeer
HCH. S. TribeTake—as the doctor ordered—a decent change: what about Madeira, for example?anag. incl. r. (= take)

Runners-Up in competition 261:

E. S. AinleyJ. A. FinckenL. JohnsonW. K. M. Slimmings
F. D. H. AtkinsonP. G. W. GlareE. L. MellershO. Carlton Smith
G. F. BamfordH. J. GodwinA. R. MeredithE. B. Stevens
A. J. BarnardE. GomersallP. H. MorganL. T. Stokes
Dr R. L. H. BarnardR. M. GraceC. J. MorseH. G. Tattersall
J. W. BatesC. R. HaighK. PerryL. E. Thomas
J. A. BlairR. J. HallE. G. PhillipsJ. Thompson
Mrs CaithnessF. H. W. HawesMaj J. N. PurdonC. T. Tulloch
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonB. J. IliffeE. J. RackhamM. A. Vernon
P. A. DrillienF. G. IllingworthG. E. RiceJ. A. Watson
Brig W. E. DuncanW. IslipA. RivlinT. G. Wellman