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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
477 Mar 1958SEDATENESS normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstP. W. W. LeachRiotous strip-tease ends with abandoned dance—observed in the usual butler’s manner!anag. less trip [see comments]
SecondJ. A. FinckenRobe’s assembly (considering the cold!) has a cape, but gives an effect of coolnesssedate + ness; i.e. ‘Rome’s assembly’, ‘senate’, pron. with a cold
ThirdH. S. TribeAs set needs to be overhauled, you won’t get much on Channel 9anag.
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonIt’s not ginger that’s required now. Labour needs seats!anag.; labour, vb. imp.
HCC. Allen BakerAttitude of the staid—even though seated wretchedly on a point!anag. + ness
HCJ. W. BatesDowager’s carriage needs seats remadeanag.
HCT. E. BellLen, no novice, is circumvented by what may be construed as Sobers’s refusal to be put out!(L)en in sedates’s; ref. L. Hutton & Garfield S., England v. W. Indies Test series 1957
HCR. N. ChignellGetting the fruit on the head, following the ends of science, denotes gravitys(cienc)e, date, ness; ref. I. Newton
HCMiss S. DorringtonYou need sang-froid to envisage Dante’s inferno in dubious Cathedral City … sulphur down below is the very deuce!anag. of Dante in see2, + S twice (deuce)
HCC. E. GatesI am unmercifully teased over art à la française in the New Style—an unruffled temperament is called foranag. + es (= art, Fr.) in NS
HCJ. GillA quality lacking in the House these days needs seats regrouped to achieve itanag.
HCS. B. GreenA tryst by the loch—both found after right at the bottom—that’s gravity!SE date Ness; SE = bottom right
HCF. H. W. HawesQuality missing from Rock an’ Roll broadcasts, as set needs reconstructionanag.
HCB. J. IliffeQuiet assignation in the early evening between one crooked character and two others!date in ene, all in S, SS; S = crooked char.
HCE. L. MellershSeated unstably above the haunt of a fearsome creature—that should make you think of gravity!anag. + Ness; Loch N. Monster
HCT. W. MelluishGravity—due to a fruit interrupting wandering sensesdate in anag.; ref. I. Newton
HCC. J. MorseFor the avoidance of confusion, the letters N.S. should be added after revised datesanag. + en + ess; see New Style s.v. style
HCK. NealeFor composure rocky seats need a shilling underneathanag. + s
HCD. A. NichollsUnflappability? That’s dense, with seats in jeopardy!anag.; ref. to Lord Hailsham
HCR. PostillSexton stopped early, having an appointment with a half of Guinness—hence the state of the grave!Se(xton) + date + (Guin)ness
HCMaj J. N. PurdonIt’s keeping cool: one sort of needs tea in a steaming vesselanag. in SS
HCE. B. StevensLet’s have some quietness, get seated properly, the monster’s homeanag. + (Loch) Ness
HCMiss D. W. TaylorAssented freely to a bit of seduction—and that’s what you call being sober!se(duction) + anag.

Runners-Up in competition 477:

E. A. BeaulahW. G. B. FilburnJ. J. MooreA. Robins
H. BrownS. GoldieP. H. MorganC. Rosebourne
C. O. ButcherE. GomersallF. E. NealeT. E. Sanders
A. G. CallelyR. R. GreenfieldF. E. NewloveMrs E. M. Simmonds
J. D. CampbellE. L. HaywardM. NewmanW. K. M. Slimmings
R. F. S. ChignellMrs M. L. HerridgeI. J. NicholasG. L. Sorenson
A. N. ClarkDr T. O. HughesDr S. L. PatonH. B. Sutherland
A. H. CloughMrs L. JarmanL. S. PearceP. H. Taylor
R. A. CoxJ. Hardie KeirW. H. PegramD. G. Thomas
J. McI. CruickshankR. W. KillickN. PensamJ. Thompson
Miss E. DeutschA. LawrieE. G. PhillipsD. H. Tompsett
J. H. DingwallN. A. LongmoreB. G. QuinK. I. Torrance
F. E. DixonA. W. MaddocksG. H. RavenorCapt C. Tyers
Dr W. M. EastherJ. MannC. P. ReaA. D. Walker
T. R. EveMrs E. McFeeMr & Mrs A. RivlinMiss E. Ward
J. H. EyreD. P. M. MichaelW. O. Robertson