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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
547 Jul 1959STORMY normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs E. ShackletonKind of stage setting for beginning of MacbethM in story, & lit.; story2 = kind of stage
SecondE. J. Griew“Full of Sound and Fury”, written at 28 to describe severe depression2 mngs.; ref. barometer marking at 28in. and Macbeth V.5
ThirdJ. G. HullPassionate strike leader to take mercy on uss to r my!; ref. printers’ strike
HCJ. W. BatesGold-mine found under street—just when the Mercury can afford only a short column!St + or my; barometer
HCMrs G. BonsallBlack as ink dispute may seem, it’s just blustering3 mngs; ref. printers’ strike
HCC. O. ButcherRowing is giving ground to rock and roll: that’ll be a blow and the end of Henley!storm + y; rowing = brawling; ground = sufficient reason
HCR. F. S. ChignellMy sort gets passionateanag. & lit.
HCJ. H. EyreIn “The Three Musketeers”, for example, one finds the Frenchman noisy and flashy, menacing anyone who dares to bare his steelM. in story; lightning
HCE. GomersallAfter Sunday, there’s an idle tale about the Mail having the wind up properly!S + RM in toy; ref. printers’ strike
HCMrs L. JarmanSuch passages swiftly debunk while challenging experts on bridgecryptic def.; bunk and bridge on ship
HCDr T. J. R. MaguireAs ever, with true love, fondly yrs., Tomanag.; ref. proverb “the course of true love never did run smooth”; fond = silly
HCMrs E. McFeePlot about the fifth of November was, and still is, disturbedm in story
HCD. P. M. MichaelIt’s a lie about the first of March being gusty—the really bad weather comes before the end of February!M in story, storm + y
HCW. L. MironOpening of Macbeth is staged with “thunder and lightning”M in story
HCC. J. MorseThe violent element in escapist or mystery fiction involves the ultimate in sadismhidden, m in story
HCM. NewmanWuthering Heights (read end bit first) for me: there’s a hint of murder in the plot!tors with s to start + my, m in story
HCMiss M. J. PatrickPassionate marine gets caught in amorous sport, chasing one of the W.R.N.S.(WRN)S + RM in toy
HCMrs J. RobertsonMy sort cut up roughanag. & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 547:

D. B. J. AmblerM. B. FisherE. A. JonesF. B. Stubbs
Lt Col P. S. BainesMrs N. FisherG. KirschL. E. Thomas
C. Allen BakerK. GibsonT. W. MelluishJ. Thompson
J. M. BennettS. B. GreenP. H. MorganM. A. Vernon
P. R. ClemowD. HawsonR. F. PardoeJ. Walters
J. DonningtonL. H. JacksonR. PostillC. E. Williams
J. A. FinckenA. H. JonesMrs E. M. SimmondsM. Woolf