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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
621 Dec 1960CHASE normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstB. K. KellyFashionable pastime—to try to catch up with set in the groove4 mngs.; set in = enchase; f.p. = hunting
SecondJ. B. SweetingIn which a set may indicate the quarryhidden & lit.; badger set
ThirdC. Allen BakerBe sure to note a source of water in case fire should be discoveredH in case: fire, (vb.) = drive out
HCC. O. Butcherclue not given [see comments]
HCG. H. DicksonChina’s leaders want edict from Moscow requiring obliteration of U.K.? It gives one the jumps!Ch(ina) + (Uk)ase; steeplechase
HCF. D. Gardinerclue not given [see comments]
HCS. Goldieclue not given [see comments]
HCS. B. GreenIn which a segment is let inhidden & lit.; let in = enchase
HCD. J. HawkinsEngrave such a section, without loss of pressure at the extremities(su)ch a se(ction)
HCR. W. JakemanThere’s room for all types in such a settinghidden & lit.; chase3
HCV. JenningsPortrays Miss Blandish without bloomers, revealing skin around her extremity!(Blandis)h in case; case = skin, (vb.); ref. book ‘No Orchids for Miss B.’ by J. H. Chase
HCE. J. MillerIn which a sexy little piece is what you’re after!hidden & lit.; woman chasing; little p. of text
HCC. J. MorseWith the onset of Christmas you see the male, clutching a pound, go hunting for something to buy without a murmurC + a S in he, (pur)chase
HCM. NewmanGame of running after Charlie with a tailChas. + e, & lit.; C = name for fox; ref. song ‘Chase Me C.’ by N. Coward
HCS. L. Patonclue not given [see comments]
HCW. H. PegramRush hour in the tube for example!h in case, & lit.
HCE. O. SeymourI keep in form: that’s what makes aches go quickly after gameanag., 2 defs.; form2 (forme) = type; chase3
HCMrs E. M. Simmondsclue not given [see comments]
HCJ. A. L. SturrockFirst part of Chatterley’s nearly all sex—the gamekeeper sees to this!Cha(tterley) + se(x)
HCMrs J. Thomasclue not given [see comments]

Runners-Up in competition 621:

D. B. J. AmblerMrs M. H. GrayDr R. J. LumsdenL. T. Stokes
R. J. AtkinW. E. GreenDr T. J. R. MaguireF. B. Stubbs
F. D. H. AtkinsonE. J. GriewA. A. MalcolmH. G. Tattersall
G. E. BormanD. HawsonP. H. MorganL. E. Thomas
J. A. BulleyA. H. JonesR. J. MunningsJ. Thompson
R. S. CaffynP. JubbJ. W. ParrF. K. Thornton
P. M. CoombsC. KoopMrs N. PerryMrs L. Waters
A. E. CrowJ. LawrenceA. RobinsCdr D. P. Willan
Mrs N. DeanA. LawrieJ. R. ScarrDr R. L. Wynne
Mrs D. M. D’EathP. W. W. LeachH. J. SnelgarH. T. Young