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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
676 Xmas 1961TRELLIS DLM19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. HawsonLike a giggle? Then hear Charlie Chestnutt tell risqué tales on Borderline network to-night! 
SecondR. PostillIf your best girl lets you down, don’t fret! Ring Universal Popsies for a replacement 
ThirdR. E. ScratonKurem’s have fine array of lozenges for all winter ills 
HCR. BryanDon’t look weather-beaten, Land Girls! Let Sunkist Skin Salve make you an ornament in the garden 
HCR. M. S. CorkGirls! Let us help you remove those unwanted pounds—train on the bars at the Gymnomat! 
HCR. V. DawsonFlattum, the belt with the criss-cross support, will rest tired muscles 
HCRev D. FordRunners—train on Criss Cross Bars! Results will be better still 
HCB. FrancoAll off-licences sell triple-distilled Oxy-gin. Mountain climbers train on it 
HCS. B. GreenWith the Tum-Tone patent lattice-construction corset, ill feeling vanishes! 
HCA. J. Hughes“Lexicano” for crossword setters includes all sizes of grid with bars adjustable as required and magnetic letters; it’ll save hours 
HCJ. D. H. MackintoshMacRum & Co., Distillers, serving you through a network of bars and hotels.—Don’t be glum—have a “MacRum” 
HCD. P. M. MichaelWith a Fit-U-Round open-work bedside screen, every patient will rest in peace in no time! 
HCC. J. MorseYe Olde Elizabethan Grille serves traditional “Boar’s-head” suppers till Twelfth Night 
HCR. P. C. MutterLike a portcullis in your garden? Put a Barongate on your shopping list—reliable, dignified, and burglar-proof 
HCM. NewmanGetting cross over figurework? You’ll need a Decimator for £ sterling/decimal conversions—10% labour cost reduction guaranteed£ = L
HCR. V. PenycateYour train on rails will go faster still if you use the “Steppamup” patent transformer 
HCM. A. VernonIs your fair charmer still unresponsive? “Nocrack” plastic pebbles thrown through her lattice work wonders! 
HCC. W. WillinkMountjoy’s Excelsiboots will carry you higher still—they’re ideal for climbing sports 
HCDr R. L. WynneDoes your plant support the demands of higher output? If you still require help, consult Factripower 

Runners-Up in competition 676:

R. B. AdcockV. A. R. CooperS. GoldieT. W. Melluish
C. Allen BakerS. H. DallasE. GomersallE. J. Miller
P. C. BarclayL. L. DixonL. W. JenkinsonMrs J. Robertson
R. T. BaxterMiss P. DoddL. JohnsonMiss B. M. Smoker
T. E. BellJ. H. EyreG. KirschA. J. Souter
C. O. ButcherJ. A. FinckenN. A. LongmoreH. S. Tribe
R. N. ChignellF. D. GardinerMrs S. MacphersonJ. F. N. Wedge
D. L. L. ClarkeJ. GillMrs E. McFeeG. H. Wilde