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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
712 Sep 1962RHEUMATICKY normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs J. ThomasShifting mucky earth I get painfully stiffanag.
SecondW. K. M. SlimmingsFar from athletic, yet makes a mark in runninga tick in rheumy
ThirdJ. D. H. MackintoshExternally free from cramp, we hear, but internally there’s a throbbing. Muscle-bound, perhaps?a tick in ‘roomy’
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonCharacteristic of most second-rate joints—getting snotty about a deferred paymenta tick in rheumy
HCC. O. ButcherSemi-humans will get with it and do the twist with creaky and painfully stiff resultsanag. of hum(ans) it creaky
HCDr J. W. CrowtherSounds spacious in the top room? On the contrary, it’s painfully crampedi.e. ‘attic’ in ‘roomy’
HCBrig W. E. DuncanA never-ending cold with a moment in my suffering when every limb achesrheu(m) + a tick in my
HCJ. H. EyreIt’s the booze, what! back inside a second year and in trouble with the screwseh! (rev.) in rum + a tick y; screw = broken-winded horse
HCK. GibsonLiable to suffer from the cold and dampness swirling in the mucky airanag.
HCS. GoldieStiff hiker may cut ramblinganag.
HCE. GomersallWith joints that ache and creak with humidity, I’d cut out swimminganag. less I’d
HCS. B. GreenAttic room sounds preposterous—a year on end of it could make you this!‘room attic’ + y, & lit.
HCA. J. HughesWith catarrh the throb inside certainly is painfulrheum + tick in ay
HCF. G. IllingworthRhubarb, a second year? That’s not what the keen gardener wants to grow!Rheum a tick y
HCA. H. JonesBe I once free of thicky uremia, dang it, then I be stiff in the joints!anag. less one I
HCA. LawrieHiker may cut rambling—wanting easy movement in a motor?anag.; motor = muscle
HCMrs E. McFeeHaving stiffness in limbs? Achy? Um—trike could provide the answeranag.
HCT. W. MelluishHaving a stiff peg to disperse the mucky air?anag.; peg = leg
HCC. J. MorseWhat’s uncomfortable about the joint? It sounds positively spacious with the top storey included‘attic’ in ‘roomy’
HCA. RobinsWhat makes the air mucky? The sort of weather we so often get!anag.
HCR. J. SteelHaving painfully affected articulation—class symbol in word-forming—swanky too; but doesn’t get the birdU in rhematic + (swan)ky
HCJ. W. TaylorThis kind of joint isn’t healthy—the mucky air needs changinganag.
HCL. E. ThomasIt’s true I’m achy, out of sorts. Knee’s beginning to get involved too!k in anag

Runners-Up in competition 712:

C. Allen BakerM. C. FoakesMrs W. J. MahoodT. E. Sanders
S. BarnettJ. FosterD. P. M. MichaelJ. A. Sefton
A. O. BaxterMiss J. FryW. L. MironL. T. Stokes
H. BernardF. D. GardinerM. NewmanF. B. Stubbs
N. H. BrownC. E. GatesA. E. NorthJ. B. Sweeting
W. CharltonJ. H. GawlerA. C. OkellMiss D. W. Taylor
D. L. L. ClarkeD. HawsonC. S. F. OliverJ. Thompson
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonN. L. HindleyS. L. PatonD. H. Tompsett
L. L. DixonH. T. E. HoneMiss M. J. PatrickG. H. Willett
E. C. DoubleJ. G. HullR. V. PenycateR. G. Wilson
T. N. DowseR. W. JakemanE. J. RackhamC. P. Wroth
Mrs B. EskellB. K. KellyRev E. G. Riley 
Mrs W. FearonR. W. KillickMrs J. Robertson 
H. W. FlewettJ. LeeceH. Rotter