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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
943 Jun 1990BARAGOUIN normal26


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. F. ManleyObtain Gowers and usage may be reformed as this goes westcomp. anag. & lit.; ref. Sir Ernest G., ‘The Complete Plain Words’
SecondP. F. HendersonSunspeak, say, would replace ‘Labour gain’ with ‘Left KO’d’anag. less l
ThirdC. PearsonUnintelligible language – Arabic in Buenos Aires, or French in GenevaAr in BA + ou in gin
VHCD. AshcroftBreton lingo? Yes, heard at Agincourt, with Branagh endlessly rampaging aroundoui in anag. of Branag(h); ref. Henry V film by Kenneth B.
VHCM. BarleyUnintelligible speech: go in a bar and at the close you might produce it!anag. incl. u
VHCE. A. BeaulahRodent loses little time entering grain store: it can be heard, but not caught!agou(t)i in barn
VHCMrs F. A. BlanchardOur ain gab in foreign state?anag. & lit.
VHCR. DeanThe cant —— is trickier than Arabic tongue!comp. anag. & lit.
VHCD. A. DeaneJabberwocky: an endless melange ensues after Alice’s first appearance in madhouseA + ragou(t), all in bin
VHCA. L. Dennis‘Labour gain Liberal out’ excited terminology of psephologist perhaps?anag. less L
VHCN. C. DexterWith British – or French – a tabloid’s written in trendy jargona rag in B, ou + in
VHCR. A. EnglandTeasing in barbarian tongue could be banter in ——comp. anag. & lit.
VHCC. E. Faulkner-KingA —— (and/or any gabble) could be a barbarian language nobody translatedcomp. anag. & lit.
VHCC. J. FeetenbyStupid baaing or a bit of Unwin?anag. incl. U, & lit.
VHCB. FrancoShot at clue for 15 dn might be ‘Lingo of bureaucrat’comp. anag. & lit.
VHCC. J. LoweGobbledegook – or a bug in a programmable?anag.
VHCD. J. MackayBaur in Goa might beanag. & lit.
VHCC. G. MillinEndless mishmash, to grasp which you need a degree in gobbledegookragou(t) in BA in
VHCC. J. MorseYou’ll find Beduin, for example, aspiring to extend their half intelligible languageArab (rev.) + go + (Bed)uin
VHCT. W. MortimerIt’s universal amongst lawyers: they go in for gobbledegookU in bar a2 go in
VHCF. R. PalmerLegal profession’s convoluted lingo, perhaps, for long a prime symbol of unintelligibilitybar + anag. with a u for I, & lit.
VHCMrs A. PhillipsFoul English this – might be lingo of a bureaucomp. anag. incl. E, & lit.
VHCM. C. SousterLabour again in trouble? No indeed! That’s the waffle of an in-groupanag. less la
VHCMs J. WardLabour gain demolished with eclipse of Left – that’s the way the specialists are talkinganag. less L
VHCR. J. Whalee.g. local ‘Langue d’oil’, wanting tips on translationbar + anag. of (L)angu(e) (d’)oi(l), & lit.
VHCD. WilliamsonBulgarian’s too difficult? Then you could get lost with thiscomp. anag. & lit.

HCs in competition 943 awarded to:

J. M. BestM. FreemanC. JonesD. Price Jones
B. W. BrookP. D. GaffeyJ. F. JonesD. Reader
Dr J. BurscoughS. C. GilchristR. E. KimmonsD. R. Robinson
B. BurtonM. GoodyearA. LawrieT. E. Sanders
C. J. & M. P. ButlerMs H. GraysonH. R. LockhartW. J. M. Scotland
Mrs M. J. CansfieldR. R. GreenfieldA. N. MacdougallA. J. Shields
E. ChalkleyB. GreerMrs E. M. MarlowB. Simon
T. ClementJ. F. GrimshawH. S. MasonW. K. M. Slimmings
W. H. C. CobbV. G. HendersonG. McStravickR. I. Sutherland
D. J. Dare-PlumptonG. B. HigginsW. L. MironK. Thomas
R. V. DeardenP. D. HinchliffeT. J. MooreyR. R. Tyler
Ms P. DiamondJ. P. H. HirstF. MossJ. P. Wheatcroft
C. M. EdmundsR. HolmesR. A. MostynMrs B. J. Widger
L. E. EllisE. HornbyS. J. O’BoyleM. A. L. Willey
Dr I. S. FletcherR. JacksR. Phillips 
H. FreemanMrs D. B. JenkinsonJ. T. Price