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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
197 Xmas 1975CAMERA Printer’s Devilry32


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. B. SweetingI translated: ‘The gall i/s bitter’‘amer’
SecondL. W. JenkinsonExaminers must accept gall i/s bitter‘amer’
ThirdW. K. M. SlimmingsWitness Be/tty, under lashings of silk and satin – a real pet 
VHCR. B. AdcockFairy Queen drops in here … yes! be/ndy, falling on bottomA Midsummer Night’s Dream
VHCM. J. BalfourKumari’s only be/nison – marrying a Rajah!ranis
VHCMrs K. BissettShewed to Raj a be/nison – would-be future ruler?rani
VHCE. J. BurgeFlying Corps be/fits a more worthy title 
VHCP. A. CashSore be/witched, needing treatment 
VHCR. M. S. CorkAfter nit on be/d? On the crib sheets? Had to be changedniton, radon
VHCR. DeanExperienced crew over/weight without exertion 
VHCJ. D. EdeMental stress was relieved and sobe/red anger to sanity 
VHCM. B. FisherOver the real Be/cket, King responsible for Mass murderAl Capone
VHCE. A. FreeAfter the first infectious kiss, her lips be/witched maddeningly 
VHCD. HawsonCashing in on the martyred Be/cket at Canterbury in the Middle Ages 
VHCR. J. HooperSuccessful Palace scheme – Rover/s put in grim struggles, were finally quelledRasputin
VHCW. IslipGeisha’s client be/t her ten sen – a Ming his request 
VHCR. JacksBroadcast in summer – Australian tests Be/di – ‘O stop sport!’ 
VHCB. H. JacksonFather, to beat mother’s side, be/t her ten sequins 
VHCD. F. Manley‘Hot West Indians? O ver/y! Steaming ‘ – Ames in 1973hot = excitable; Ray Illingworth
VHCA. R. McKenzieHeavy load – I’ll be/t he runs a few inches 
VHCJ. P. MurphyI hired gunman for murder, in/dicating victimsMurder Inc.
VHCF. R. PalmerNo longer sterling, the South African coinage be/nds 
VHCC. P. ReaThe Temporal lent and O.B.E. came faster – the Spiritual be/g time 
VHCA. J. RedstoneLight Blues? Over/weight, in need of training 
VHCA. D. ScottBe/nd your minds (stimulated by pot) – entwine? 
VHCF. B. StubbsNoble challenge – Rover/s put in an epoch-making shotRasputin
VHCJ. G. StubbsIn the bull-ring Manuela tore robe/s, handmade slipsa torero
VHCL. E. ThomasFlood-waters be/gin growing less on simply calmer days 
VHCG. A. TomlinsonSquander cash on ale? I/t’s a reflex for me any daycameras
VHCJ. WaltonMan with pipe – over/t pollutionPied Piper
VHCJ. F. N. WedgeI be/t her bra’s hand-inflated! 
VHCP. J. WoodsGay musician (over/t!), singer many years ago, ’andled young kiddies. Away with him!Pied Piper

HCs in competition 197 awarded to:

M. AdamsR. S. CaffynF. G. IllingworthRear Adm W. T. C. Ridley
R. H. AdeyE. ChalkleyG. JohnstoneP. Rowley
T. AndersonW. R. ChalmersR. E. KimmonsH. R. Sanders
M. BarnesC. A. ClarkeF. P. N. LakeDr W. I. D. Scott
E. A. BeaulahE. A. ClarkeM. D. LawsD. J. Short
T. E. BellW. DaviesJ. H. C. LeachA. J. Souter
P. BermanJ. H. DingwallA. D. LeggeBrig R. F. E. Stoney
R. A. BettsP. DrummondJ. P. LesterJ. C. P. Taylor
M. J. BevanMiss L. EveleighMrs S. M. MacphersonD. M. Victor
Mrs D. G. BishopMrs W. FearonJ. S. MarzillierJ. Webster
A. G. BogieP. D. GaffeyL. MayRev C. D. Westbrook
R. BrainMrs G. M. GibbonsC. G. MillinW. D. Wigley
Rev C. M. BrounD. GoddenJ. G. MorrisG. H. Wilde
J. M. BrownS. GoldieLt Cdr A. R. NolanG. H. Willett
P. BrownM. GreenwoodP. G. O’GormanD. C. Williamson
P. E. BuggeG. B. GreerS. L. PatonS. Woods
A. J. BulmanA. HodgsonB. A. Pike 
C. O. ButcherE. M. HornbyM. G. Powell-Davies