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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1019 Aug 1968DISCORD Misprints21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. H. C. LeachCzechs’ leader gets involved in what could become sordid warjar; C in anag.; ref. A. Dubček, Prague Spring
SecondMrs L. JarmanDivine in short skirts I bob about, or it indicates dowdinessrowdiness; I s. c or, all in DD; bob = shilling
ThirdMrs B. LewisJam in the Underground: ropy linejar; Dis cord
VHCT. E. BellStrike from the record or expungestrife; disc or d. (delete)
VHCG. P. GoddardInfernal situation: string in an utter tanglejangle; Dis cord
VHCS. GoldieSomething grating on the car—part of brake, maybe, against bent rodear; disc + anag.
VHCF. G. IllingworthWin a halfpenny, for instance, or a pennydin; disc or d.
VHCL. W. JenkinsonWell-attested effect of an ample, round figure on aged pointapple; disc ord; apple = a wild stroke (cricket slang)
VHCL. F. LeasonSmall currency destined for revaluation following record gold strikestrife; disc or d.; ref. decimalisation plans
VHCH. S. MasonUnderworld rope makes infernal noosenoise; Dis cord
VHCB. J. McCannStrike the gong before beginning—oncestrife; disc ord
VHCMrs E. McFeeFor terrific glamour, I’d back Dors, leader of curvaceous wigglingclamour; I’d (rev.) + anag. incl. c; ref. Diana D.
VHCP. H. MorganNow—is a copper, after change-over, a cent or a penny?row; d. is + c. or d.; ref. decimalisation plans
VHCC. J. MorseEarring, circular shape with point, old-fashionedjarring; disc ord
VHCW. H. PegramWar is hell, the end of logic, a point long forgottenjar; Dis + (logi)c + ord
VHCW. J. RichardsStrike from record, or deletestrife; disc or d.
VHCMrs E. RobsonStrike from the record or destroystrife; disc or d.
VHCH. RutleyHell—string—it’s unpleasant to eatear; Dis cord
VHCMrs I. G. SmithDreadful noose—hell with thick stringnoise; Dis cord
VHCM. J. TomkinsonNow penny is one cent and gold desertedrow; d. is c. or d
VHCB. J. WainVicious hound comes from the Pluto linesound; Dis cord

HCs in competition 1019 awarded to:

Miss V. K. AbrahamsP. M. CoombsE. G. JonesMrs G. Rajkowska
R. B. AdcockE. DaviesSir S. KayeG. H. Ravenor
C. AllenM. B. FisherA. LawrieL. G. D. Sanders
T. AndersonMrs N. FisherJ. T. LawsJ. T. Stringer
W. G. ArnottG. GarganA. F. LerrigoF. B. Stubbs
F. D. H. AtkinsonL. H. GarrettMiss J. S. LumsdenW. H. Thornton
C. Allen BakerJ. H. GawlerE. L. MellershM. E. Ventham
J. W. BatesE. GomersallT. W. MelluishM. A. Vernon
R. T. BaxterMrs F. R. GommD. I. MorganE. F. Watling
E. A. BeaulahD. HawsonB. G. PalmerJ. Webster
C. O. ButcherMrs M. HendersonMiss M. J. PatrickRev C. D. Westbrook
A. N. ClarkA. J. HughesR. V. PenycateJ. B. Widdowson
J. F. ColdwellL. JohnsonH. C. S. Perry