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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
257 Nov 1953PYROTECHNICS Straight Clue22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstV. F. DixonVery light and flash display, out of place on the ThirdVery light = flare; BBC Third Programme; 3rd Nov
SecondJ. ThompsonThe sort of light entertainment you don’t look for on the ThirdBBC Third Programme; 3rd Nov
ThirdC. J. MorseIt’s the study that makes the fifth form such an exciting prospect for schoolboys! 
HCE. S. AinleyVery light construction is but one feature of this craftVery light = flare
HCJ. W. BatesVery light make-up contributes to the effectiveness of this showVery light = flare
HCJ. A. BlairVery light doubled and redoubled: (declarer overdoing it!)Very light = flare
HCP. M. CoombsThese bright displays in autumn gardens draw attention to a chap’s wretched old plotGunpowder plot
HCP. A. DrillienIt may have a whole galaxy of stars, but this production of Congreve is a flashy affairCongreve = type of rocket
HCBrig W. E. DuncanLight activity, followed by sharp rises everywhere, founded on prospect of similar movements in the “House” 
HCJ. A. Maxtone GrahamVery light stuff: that’s the sort of thing Congreve producedVery light = flare; Congreve = type of rocket
HCS. B. GreenVery light type of entertainment, this musical show!Very light = flare
HCR. J. HallLoud blazers are merely a form of showing off 
HCJ. P. LloydWork that provides for early retirement and the chance of a quick rise, that’s my aimfirework instruction “retire immediately”
HCRev E. B. PeelSolomon used to show us what a Royal Suite was designed forpianist Solomon and Handel’s ‘Fireworks Music’
HCJ. E. PoveyMany people turn up their noses when these night-shows reach the high-spots 
HCG. W. PughNoisy reaction of the public to a scheme to give M.P.s a riseGunpowder plot
HCE. J. RackhamNot quite the skill of the Arsenal, but can produce a sparkling display given suitable matches 
HCT. E. SandersVery light type of work, often with provision for rapid rises and early retirementVery light = flare; firework instruction “retire immediately”
HCMrs E. ShackletonSubject of recent reports—things going up owing to Parliamentary actionGunpowder plot
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsBrock’s cunning, not showing up till the red setter’s goneBrock’s fireworks; badger
HCM. WoolfMusical show with a cast of coloured stars 
HCA. J. YoungVery light construction is proverbially unsuccessful in wet weatherVery light = flare; ‘damp squib’

Runners-Up in competition 257:

Dr S. H. AtkinsD. J. FurleyMrs L. JarmanE. G. Phillips
C. Allen BakerA. B. GardnerJ. W. JenkinsA. Robins
T. E. BellC. E. GatesL. W. JenkinsonE. O. Seymour
P. E. BuggeS. GoldieL. JohnsonT. Strange
F. L. ConstableE. GomersallMrs F. LaingF. B. Stubbs
R. M. S. CorkR. M. GraceE. W. LeeL. E. Thomas
G. N. CoulterMrs J. HarveyF. E. NewloveK. I. Torrance
F. E. DixonR. W. HawesD. A. NichollsF. L. Usher
L. E. EyresP. J. HigginsMrs A. M. OsmondH. D. Wakely
J. A. FinckenB. J. IliffeS. L. PatonM. Winterbottom
Mrs J. O. FullerE. G. IllingworthL. S. PearceI. Young