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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
608 Sep 1960CUSTOMER normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstV. JenningsIt’s implied that I can do no wrong, but copper gets me pinched in shop when something’s missing!Cu me in stor(e) & lit.; “the c. is always right”
SecondJ. W. BatesI’ve only a passing interest in the closed shop? T.U.C.’s more concerned!anag.
ThirdRev C. M. BrounButcher courts me, for oneanag. & lit.
HCC. Allen BakerThose characters at the rear of the counter are there to take me in!me in (aba)cus to r. & lit.
HCD. B. J. AmblerPerson commonly seen in market of Pas-de-Calais town preceded by copperCu + St. Omer
HCD. J. BallWanton Elizabethan woman whose heart has a male in continual employment, her ends being of little creditTom in use in cr & lit.; customer = prostitute (obs.)
HCMiss P. M. C. CainMore cuts in mincemeat suit the housewife at the grocer’sanag.
HCV. A. R. CooperOne whose appearance might well mean more cuts being effected by the butcheranag. & lit.
HCW. J. DuffinDid she show promise around a high-class street?U St. in comer, & lit.
HCS. B. GreenHousewife who falls for brush salesman perhaps just loses head with anyone who comes round(j)ust in comer
HCA. LawrieFor a body who may seek to bargain, T.U.C.’s disorganized—following is more undisciplinedanag. + anag.
HCP. H. MorganA crooked one may present a stumer, leaving the company short!anag. of Co. stumer, & lit.
HCC. J. MorseThere’s a lot of advantage—as far as I’m concerned—in a little creditus(e) to me in cr & lit.
HCMrs N. PerryA vagabond courts me, but I’ve fallen for a counter-attractionanag.
HCR. Postill’Twould be no good to me if there weren’t a little credit around!U/S to me in cr, & lit.
HCMrs J. RobertsonKind of chap doctors cure most successfullyanag.; doctors, vb.
HCA. Robins“I’m All Right Jack!”—this would be quite unthinkable without Sellers!ref. Peter S. film; “the c. is always right”
HCF. B. StubbsThe old solicitor is always right2 mngs.; “the c. is …”; customer = prostitute (obs.)
HCMrs J. E. TownsendA traveller entreats my favour, and courts me subtly you’ll see!anag. & lit.; i.e. travelling salesman
HCJ. WardBind U.S. to Middle East in Credit Squeeze? Just what trade wants!US to ME in cr
HCJ. F. N. WedgePromising chap embodying superior type of virtue, in short, one of invariable rectitude!U St in comer
HCM. WoolfThere’s a lot of use to me in a little credit!us(e) to me in cr & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 608:

A. W. AspinallB. L. H. FordW. L. MironF. Sutton
Lt Col P. S. BainesE. J. GriewA. E. NorthMiss D. W. Taylor
J. BrockMrs E. J. HolmesMiss M. J. PatrickJ. Thompson
R. N. ChignellB. J. IliffeH. C. S. PerryCapt C. Tyers
E. F. ClaytonG. KirschE. G. PhillipsA. D. Walker
P. M. CoombsC. KoopMaj J. N. PurdonJ. B. Walters
Capt D. W. CoxA. F. LerrigoB. G. QuinG. R. Webb
A. E. CrowJ. D. LockettRev E. G. Riley 
W. DarbyDr T. J. R. MaguireB. W. Sayer 
J. H. DingwallA. A. MalcolmE. O. Seymour