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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
843 Mar 1965PRISTINE normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstL. E. Eyres“Enspirit” is wrongly spelt: that’s archaicanag.; ref. OED, latest example 1658
SecondD. JesselTurbulent priest in A.D. 1170 qualifies as suchanag.; ref. Thomas Becket
ThirdR. StoddartIn prime condition—isn’t ripe for redevelopmentanag.
VHCMrs K. BissettStrip off! It’s not coarse to be topless—just primitive!anag. + (f)ine
VHCRev C. M. BrounFrom earliest years, priest is a spikePr is tine
VHCR. N. ChignellThe old punishment is about right on diminutive first formerR 1st in pine
VHCJ. ColebyThe duet from the beginning of Rigoletto in a transcription for spinet (virginal)Ri in anag.; virginal1,2
VHCJ. CrowtherPrime Minister ruffled, losing head after first sign of panicp + anag. less M
VHCF. E. DixonIsn’t ripe for development: quite unspoiledanag.
VHCF. H. W. HawesThough the reverse of modern, isn’t ripe for replanninganag.
VHCE. M. HornbyOf the past is Profumo’s Christine liaison, for so much somehow has gone byanag. less anag. of for so much; ref. John P., C. Keeler
VHCA. LawriePrime Minister in favour? ’E’s out of it but makes a comeback in the end!pri(e)st + in + e
VHCW. LedgerBelonging to the earliest time it ripens when fully developedanag.
VHCMrs B. LewisLike the first man appearing in topless pin-stripe—confusedanag. less p
VHCC. J. MorseSanctimonious talk’s what used to vex people about Farrar’s sixth formerr in pi’s + tine; ref. Frederic F., ‘Eric, or Little by Little’
VHCW. H. PegramI’m original: I strip after teasing, not beforeanag. + ne (obs.)
VHCMrs E. M. SimmondsPrime Minister loses head and explodes under instruction to perform quietlyp + anag. less M
VHCB. J. WainAs it was in the beginning isn’t ripe for reorganisationanag.

HCs in competition 843 awarded to:

H. M. BarclayMrs N. FisherA. F. LerrigoD. R. Pownall
S. BarnettM. S. Y. FowlerMrs E. McFeeRev E. G. Riley
R. T. BaxterA. L. FreemanW. L. MironH. Rutley
T. E. BellJ. FrydeP. H. MorganW. K. M. Slimmings
Maj A. S. BirtDr R. E. GillsonV. R. S. MottL. H. Stewart
C. I. BullockG. P. GoddardF. E. NewloveJ. W. Taylor
P. R. ClemowP. R. L. HeathR. O’DonoghueP. Wallace
M. DennisonMrs M. I. M. HunterR. F. PardoeJ. R. Whitelegg
N. C. DexterF. P. N. LakeMiss M. J. PatrickP. Wilding
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonJ. H. C. LeachMrs N. PerryA. J. Wilson
J. A. FinckenL. F. LeasonR. Postill