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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
894 Mar 1966WITENAGEMOT normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstM. WoolfWessex leaders used to hold it; beginning of Norman era saw its endit in We + N age mot, & lit.
SecondA. LawrieA diet’s just the thing to be imposed on somebody that’s gone up about a stone in weightit + a gem in one (rev.) all in wt.
ThirdL. F. LeasonThe grouping of bishops, king’s pawns, etc., once called for deliberation: now I get mate after a few movesanag.
VHCC. Allen BakerIf one X puts on a stone (to an already round figure!) in weight, the answer is—diet!I ten a gem o in wt.
VHCJ. T. CatlowBishops exercised their authority here, e.g. mate in two movesanag.
VHCD. L. L. ClarkeA meeting peculiarly engrossed in old English know howanag. in wot, & lit.
VHCA. J. CrowLaw was laid out in the rough game I went toanag.
VHCJ. A. FinckenHarold was our last choice and we got in, mate, for a radical change!anag.; Harold I
VHCK. GibsonThe king is no longer served by bishops, knights, etc. on this board; e.g. mate in two movesanag.
VHCS. GoldieScrappy game I went to—wasn’t it King’s Old Boys and a representative district team?anag.
VHCSir S. KayeSalt’s out! A number end up going in for this old dietten + omega (rev.) in wit
VHCA. F. LerrigoSort of old national diet in which meat and wine got cooked togetheranag.: cook, intr. vb.
VHCH. LyonTime we got an old-style Government? Not exactly!anag.
VHCDr T. J. R. MaguireThe thing that influenced Harold? Shaky ménage, it being held by, roughly, twoanag. in anag.; thing1; Harold I
VHCMrs E. McFeeMoot point gets a meeting excited and ’eatedW + anag.+ ’ot
VHCC. J. MorseTory leader with new image to upset Harold’s advisersT + anag.; ref. Harold I and H. Wilson
VHCT. N. NesbittHigh time we got an old-fashioned lot of rulers!anag.; high = drunk
VHCF. E. NewloveWe met, got in a huddle; assembled before Parliament; went right up to Harold!anag.; huddle, intr. vb.
VHCR. PostillHigh time we got an effective government such as we used to haveanag.
VHCT. E. SandersHarold’s advisers once wanted a meeting between the two to be arrangedanag. in anag.; Harold I
VHCDr W. I. D. ScottDissolution of old parliament could result in a surprising win. Get a book upanag. + tome (rev.)

HCs in competition 894 awarded to:

C. J. AndersonMrs E. FranklinJ. L. MackieR. W. Shearing
A. J. BissetP. D. GaffeyMrs W. J. MahoodMrs E. M. Simmonds
Dr A. E. BrafleldF. H. W. HawesT. A. MartinW. K. M. Slimmings
R. BrainN. L. HindleyE. McNealS. Sondheim
J. A. BulleyE. M. HornbyE. L. MellershF. B. Stubbs
Mrs J. ChalkleyF. G. IllingworthC. G. MillinJ. W. Taylor
J. H. ClearyL. JohnsonP. H. MorganE. F. Watling
A. E. CrowR. E. KimmonsN. O’NeillMrs M. P. Webber
N. C. DexterF. P. N. LakeE. G. PhillipsJ. F. N. Wedge
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonG. G. LawranceK. PomagalskiT. G. Wellman
J. H. EyreJ. H. C. LeachMr & Mrs A. RivlinRev C. D. Westbrook
G. E. FallowsJ. P. LesterR. A. RussellP. G. Williams
Mrs N. FisherMrs B. LewisMrs E. Shackleton