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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
139 Jun 1950HECATOMB normal28


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. J. RackhamPerformance of this appealed to the gods, but emptied the stallscryptic def.; ref. cattle stalls/theatre-goers; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer)
SecondL. E. EyresWhen a couple of toms come to grips, and biting begins, there’s bloodshed galorehe-cat/tom overlapping + b [see comments]
ThirdT. BilsboroughTo me, Bach with variations is what the old cows died of!anag.; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer)
ThirdM. L. Booker“Pale Hecate’s offering” maybe, but nothing for Macbeth to be upset aboutO in anag.; ref Macbeth, II.1; H.’s “offerings”= ritual sacrifices (Brewer)
ThirdJ. Hardie KeirThe killing that got Macbeth in a fuss about nothing?O in anag.
ThirdA. F. LerrigoA really killing show, not much appreciated in the stalls perhaps, but it appealed to the godscryptic def.; ref. cattle stalls/theatre-goers; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer)
ThirdT. W. MelluishMacbeth nothing moved by numerous victims?anag. incl. 0
ThirdCapt C. TyersThe result, perhaps, of war or famine coming—or maybe both cameanag.
HCE. S. AinleyThis is of cardinal importance, leading a hundred to a grave conclusionHE C a tomb, & lit.; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer)
HCM. AndersonO Macbeth! Even you could not produce such a shambles—or could you?anag.; shambles = a place of carnage
HCD. AshcroftA century composed of skied cows—much appreciated, by Jove, but not placating the Spinners!cryptic def.; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer); cow-shots (cricketing slang); the Spinners = the Fates
HCE. C. DoubleMale Siamese Cats born to provide a very great sacrificehe-cat/tom overlapping + b.; cf. Siamese twins [see comments]
HCS. GoldieClearly a bit of a she-cat and a bit of a tomboy; a deadly combination!(s)he-ca(t) + tomb(oy)
HCR. H. HearnO Macbeth! No wonder thou art deranged, with such a host of victimsanag.
HCG. T. HerringA great number of victims come to Bath for treatmentanag. of come Bath
HCL. W. JenkinsonVictims in two Classic races—both came unstuckanag.; ref. Greek & Roman races
HCD. JonesHoly smoke! Lady with form in triplicate’s not finished and there’s a deuce of a mob behind herHecat(e) + anag. of mob; Hecate depicted in triple form (Brewer)
HCC. KoopThat bumping off theory in practice, so altogether fatal to one’s beastly century!cryptic def.; ref. cricket; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer)
HCF. E. NewloveTom runs into the pit, out of the stalls and up to the gods!he-cat, overlapping tomb; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer)
HCR. O’DonoghueA great many sufferers take a headache that’s splitting to the doctoranag. of (head)ache + to MB
HCR. PostillThe atom bomb cache contains enough for wholesale slaughter—and 100% reservei.e. half of anag.
HCT. E. SandersThis is the century a grave consequence would result from the victimisation of the lower classcryptic def.; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer); lower = cow
HCG. A. ShoobridgeMany victims: Tom goes down to ring doctorhe-cat O MB
HCA. E. SmithThe large number of victims finished off by M & B gives a bad headache to the doctor!anag. of (head)ache + to MB; i.e. ends with m and b; ref. beer brand
HCL. D. WakelyTemperature round about 100 goes to the head of disorderly crowd. Many victimsC in heat + anag. of mob
HCJ. F. N. WedgeMany people who have already had it take to M & B after a troublesome acheanag. of ache + to m, b; have had it = been killed; ref. beer brand
HCM. WoolfHundred head of beef offered at great sacrifice. Could let you have them B.O.A.C.anag.; sacrifice of 100 cattle (Brewer); ref. airline
HCJ. T. YoungTeach mob violence and you may have mass murderanag.

Runners-Up in competition 139:

F. G. AdamsH. H. ElliottC. B. JoynerL. E. Thomas
W. J. BaldwinC. EwanE. A. G. JunksJ. Thompson
Dr BallJ. A. FinckenG. G. LawranceC. F. Tomlin
E. P. BarrettMrs FisherR. LumleyH. S. Tribe
J. W. BatesA. R. FraserE. L. MellershD. W. H. Tripp
Mrs CaithnessMrs J. O. FullerW. L. MironE. Wainwright
Rev B. ChapmanA. B. GardnerH. C. PilleyH. D. Wakely
D. L. L. ClarkeC. E. GatesE. R. PrenticeE. Ward
D. L. ClementsP. G. W. GlareMrs RobertsonD. G. Wilson
J. ColebyR. G. GordonA. RobinsRev P. G. Woodcock
W. W. CoveS. B. GreenA. J. C. SaundersW. J. Youngson
J. A. DerbyshireW. E. GreenRev F. R. Standfast 
T. H. EastS. J. HornerMiss Tatham 
G. W. H. EdgcombH. J. HowellsJ. Thomas