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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
179 Nov 1951CADRE normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. P. M. MichaelEstablishment of peace could be crazy crusade without usanag. less us & lit.
SecondJ. F. N. WedgeHeedfulness about the pence gives a firm basis for building up the nation’s armed strengthd in care
ThirdD. G. KnightsWorry about pence can make one a permanent skeletond in care
HCC. A. BakerHaving a die-hard leader in charge will be the foundation of strengthd in care; ref. return of Winston Churchill as PM
HCF. L. ConstableTowny has about enough of officers and N.C.O.s!cad re; cad = Eton, Oxford jargon for a townsman
HCP. M. CoombsConcern about reduction in small expenditure: these leaders set an example!d in care
HCW. DarbyA poor specimen by the “Sapper”—not “The Final Count”cad RE; ref. book in Bulldog Drummond series by H.C. McNeile (“Sapper”)
HCT. O. HughesA dreadful start by the Chancellor. An extension of it may produce a divisionC a dre(adful); C., legal abbrev.; ref. increase in Bank Rate after 1951 Gen. Election [see comments]
HCVery Rev N. M. KennabyDeath of a cat! Inquest verdict—it swallowed a coin. Now it’s a skeletond. in care; ref. proverb, “care killed the cat”
HCF. P. N. LakeCore. Pips may be carried within OR formed around itcryptic def.; OR = other ranks; pip4 [see comments]
HCE. W. LeeCar exporter, just started, requires limited cash investment: small company, ready to expandd in car e(xporter)
HCR. PostillTroops soon gather around a barrel with liquid in itR in cade1; i.e. liquid consonant
HCA. RobinsThe potential force of a large battery is a piece of copper placed in the charged. in care
HCE. B. StevensA bus conductor must accept half fare for this skeletoncad + (fa)re; cad = bus conductor, in contemporary ed. of C.
HCH. G. TattersallKey men are anxious about the start of denationalisationd in care; ref. plans to denationalise steel, 1951
HCP. H. TaylorA mob gathers round me, led by a bus conductor!i.e. starts with cad; cad = bus conductor, in contemporary ed. of C.; the mob = the army

Runners-Up in competition 179:

E. S. AinleyMrs N. FisherJ. P. LloydR. J. Rea
J. W. BatesA. R. FraserF. E. NewloveD. W. Reeds
M. L. BookerMrs J. O. FullerD. A. NichollsE. W. Richart
G. BownessF. D. GardinerMrs A. M. OsmondT. E. Sanders
Maj H. L. CarterS. B. GreenA. P. O’LearyO. Carlton Smith
F. A. ClarkR. J. HallJ. W. ParrH. S. Tribe
A. E. ClaytonC. KoopRev E. B. PeelCapt C. Tyers
W. J. DuffinCapt G. LanghamE. J. RackhamJ. Vallely
W. M. EastherG. G. LawranceH. RaingerR. Wells