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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
993 Feb 1968JONATHAN normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. W. BatesG.I.? Gravity Indicator2 mngs.; American; Newton’s apple
SecondA. LawriePrematurely cut off beloved one who caused David to lamentjo(y) + Nathan, II Sam. 12, & lit.
ThirdC. G. MillinOne to succeed leader of tribe in Old Testament bookt in Jonah + an, & lit., Saul
VHCA. J. CrowThe blighter’s eaten the last of the fruit—an applet in Jonah + an
VHCA. J. EntwistleThe apple of the psalmist’s eye?2 mngs.
VHCL. D. J. GattThe apple of David’s eye2 mngs.
VHCJ. GillThe apple of David’s eye?2 mngs.
VHCMiss M. E. R. HendersonSwift? Yes indeed. Swifter than eagles2 mngs.; Jonathan S.; II Sam. 1
VHCA. H. JonesThe apple of David’s eye2 mngs.
VHCMrs E. McFeeUncle Sam keeps a woolly hat on in Januaryanag. in Jan
VHCC. J. MorseFor the Americans, Johnson’s lead forward to Hanoi has petered outJ on at Han(oi)
VHCF. E. NewlovePredeceased his beloved on a Thursday in Januaryon a Th in Jan
VHCM. NewmanStatesman, Liberal prophet, Cox’s cousin3 mngs.
VHCN. O’NeillAmericans in general can give one the pip2 mngs.
VHCF. R. PalmerInhabitant of N.E., perhaps, needs some sort of hat on in a winter monthanag. in Jan; New England
VHCD. G. PutnamSwift? More so than eagles2 mngs.; Jonathan S.
VHCJ. SevilleThe apple of David’s eye2 mngs.
VHCL. de V. SunderlandUncle Sam, the apple of the boy David’s eye2 mngs.
VHCJ. W. TaylorApple of Hebrew Beloved’s eye?2 mngs.
VHCJ. F. N. WedgeApple of David’s eye?2 mngs.
VHCJ. B. WiddowsonSwift among his friends; without a friend, swifter than an eagle2 mngs.; Jonathan S.

HCs in competition 993 awarded to:

Mrs K. BissettP. H. FreemanM. A. LassmanL. Reece
P. R. ClemowL. H. GarrettK. F. LawtonT. E. Sanders
Miss G. CowanMrs R. HarveyMrs B. LewisSir W. Slimmings
Mrs M. P. CraineF. H. W. HawesL. E. LodgeJ. Sparrow
J. CrowtherMrs E. J. HolmesD. P. M. MichaelBrig R. F. E. Stoney
J. McI. CruickshankE. M. HornbyJ. D. P. O’LearyK. Thomas
N. C. DexterD. E. G. IrvineW. H. PegramD. J. Thorpe
L. A. DiehlL. W. JenkinsonD. C. PleeceB. J. Wain
W. EiteR. E. KimmonsR. PostillRev C. D. Westbrook