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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1065 Oct 1992TANDOORI normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr E. YoungCurry house has one?tan door I, & lit.
SecondB. GreerFor ultimate in flavour, way in which a taste of India succeeds?door I for g in tang, & lit.
ThirdC. R. GumbrellGrub that’s come from east to west and encapsulated a taste of Indiaand in root (rev.) + I & lit.
VHCM. J. BathOntario cooking encapsulates the latest thing in Red Indian style of cuisined in anag.
VHCP. CargillOne to follow curry entrée?tan door I, & lit.
VHCI. CarrMeat thus cooked is marinated toocomp. anag. & lit.
VHCC. A. Clarke‘Indo-roast’ cooked with no end of spicesanag. less s, & lit.
VHCMs S. C. CockburnProvisions cooked up abroad make two thirds of nation uneasy about entrydoor in anag. less on; ref. Maastricht Treaty
VHCJ. DromeyIn convulsions I ran to do something to appease Delhi bellyanag.; appease 2 mngs.
VHCH. FreemanYou might see Indian cook retch when this chicken’s off!comp. anag. & lit.
VHCP. HarrisonIndian corn (lots), husked, cooked – in Indian styleanag. less first & last letters
VHCP. F. HendersonDish in oriant? Possibly (if spelt correctly!)do (= cheat) in anag., & lit.
VHCR. E. KimmonsOdorant cooking? Ayanag. + I3, & lit.
VHCMrs J. MackieGrub that’s spread to West and gets inside oneand in root (rev.) + I, & lit.
VHCD. F. ManleyIt may be misserved to a diner with love for what is English0 for E in anag., & lit.
VHCH. W. MassinghamThis meat’s subtly marinated toocomp. anag. & lit.
VHCA. C. MorrisonCooked in a traditional way, not radio wavedanag.
VHCC. J. MorseIndian camp short of a cook before one’s found – with this skill?tan(a) do or3 I
VHCR. S. MorseIndo-roast cooking with no end of spicesanag. less s, & lit.
VHCD. Price JonesDone in a dirt oonanag. & lit.
VHCMiss I. RaabRecipe found in Ooti, and cooked in a hot potr in anag.
VHCG. H. WillettIt could be dished up to a diner with love for East0 for E in anag., & lit.

HCs in competition 1065 awarded to:

R. L. BakerV. DixonG. JohnstoneW. J. M. Scotland
M. BarleyM. EarleA. N. MacDougallMrs E. J. Shields
R. C. BellR. A. EnglandD. J. MackayN. G. Shippobotham
Mrs F. A. BlanchardA. R. EsauW. F. MainW. K. M. Slimmings
R. E. BootC. E. Faulkner-KingMrs W. A. MarlarMs M. Stokes
Mrs A. BoyesC. J. FeetenbyG. D. MeddingsP. L. Stone
Mrs A. R. BradfordF. D. GardinerRev M. R. MetcalfR. C. Teuton
C. J. BroughamS. GaskellC. G. MillinJ. F. N. Wedge
E. J. BurgeM. GoodyearMiss D. F. MilneM. C. Whelan
Dr J. BurscoughMrs E. GreenawayT. J. MooreyMs B. J. Widger
B. BurtonJ. F. GrimshawJ. A. MorleyD. Williamson
C. J. & M. P. ButlerA. W. HillF. R. PalmerW. Woodruff
N. C. DexterR. J. HooperR. J. PalmerB. A. Wright
Ms P. DiamondK. W. JohnsonRev E. H. PyleR. Zara