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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
701 Oct 1985BALUSTRADE normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstM. BarleyBears cope?balus trade, & lit; cope1,2
SecondR. C. TeutonA busted rail could be replaced by this I fancyanag. less I, & lit.
ThirdDr I. S. FletcherBar ale – dust otherwise a feature of terraceanag.; ref. alcohol ban at football matches
VHCC. Allen BakerLoading dice is a proper fiddle – one shouldn’t fall for itU Strad in bale; for = because of
VHCC. J. BroughamWhat makes stairs with pretensions? A durable pranking on each sidest(airs) in anag., & lit.
VHCD. A. CrosslandIn-flight bars providing British Airways with unlimited drink salesBA lus(h) trade
VHCJ. V. S. A. DaviesThis stood between a pair, patrician and star crossed, in undisguised extremity of loveU + anag., all in bald e; ref. Romeo and Juliet
VHCR. V. DeardenEdge of balcony used by a cavorting star in staged duelb a + anag. in anag., & lit. ?
VHCJ. H. DingwallDreadfully late – absurd! This entails coping with the postsanag.
VHCE. G. DurhamFencing unsuitable for nudist club – bare adults shown to disadvantageanag.
VHCH. FreemanPaper ——? That can’t be right for making parapets durablecomp. anag. & lit.
VHCJ. F. GrimshawAmateur League swamped by coach traffic, coping with supportersA l in bus trade
VHCP. F. HendersonSecurity for those on a flight involves nearly everyone in the aeroplane businessal(l) in bus trade
VHCG. JohnstoneWhat’ll do for a lust-breathed Romeo? Jumping the —— and more love?comp. anag. & lit.
VHCR. E. KimmonsA desire to be embraced by naughtily bared curvaceous pieces – and copinga lust in anag.
VHCC. J. LoweBear south with traffic, coping with a series of hold-ups?balu S trade
VHCD. F. ManleyWhat’ll you find flanking bridge? A true dab’s bit of logodaedalic puzzlinganag. incl. l; ref. Reece / Azed in Observer !
VHCD. P. M. MichaelFoolishly adulates BR rail-guard, usually ornamentalanag.
VHCC. G. MillinFantastic dual breast supports, curvaceous in outlineanag.
VHCC. J. MorseReduced balance on American business: protection on the way upbal. US trade
VHCT. W. MortimerBates had rule destroyed – he disconnected enclosure around terraces, etc.anag. less he; ref. Chelsea FC chairman
VHCR. A. MostynRail, regularly supported, shows a bit of lead in public transport businessa l in bus trade
VHCW. J. M. ScotlandA depraved desire runs among evil English supporters going by raila lust r in bad E
VHCW. K. M. SlimmingsAmerican jazz package tours? It’s a feature on flightsUS trad in bale

HCs in competition 701 awarded to:

K. AaronovichM. EarleC. LovingA. D. Scott
R. H. AdeyC. J. FeetenbyP. B. MacdonaldB. D. Smith
D. W. ArthurMrs D. FosterS. G. G. MacDonaldMrs M. Stokes
J. BainesF. D. GardinerH. S. MasonF. B. Stubbs
Mrs P. A. BaxN. C. GoddardH. W. MassinghamJ. G. Stubbs
E. A. BeaulahS. GoldieDr R. MooreJ. B. Sweeting
Mrs F. A. BlanchardD. V. HarryT. J. MooreyJ. R. Tozer
Rev Canon C. M. BrounMrs S. HewittH. B. MortonA. Turner
E. J. BurgeA. W. HillD. F. PalingV. C. D. Vowles
Dr J. BurscoughR. J. HooperS. L. PatonA. J. Wardrop
Mrs M. J. CansfieldE. M. HornbyD. Price JonesM. H. E. Watson
T. J. CowinW. IslipJ. E. ReynoldsR. J. Whale
Mrs M. P. CraineJ. I. JamesD. RileyG. H. Willett
P. DayM. Taylor & N. JohnsD. R. RobinsonM. G. Wilson
N. C. DexterC. W. LaxtonDr R. C. RossDr E. Young