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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
780 Xmas 1963NOBLEST (and Eximenamination) normal39


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. A. NichollsExim: 20 marks out of 25
FirstR. A. WellsGold discs, Beatles’ fourth, from Top Ranknobles t; record label
SecondG. BradbrookExim: 19 (clue preferred)
SecondP. M. RaffanMost impressive drama flourished in the sixteenth centuryno4 blest; bless2
ThirdP. M. CoombsExim: 19
ThirdD. B. WedmoreGiven the least latitude Ten Bos can be most impressive in the looseanag. incl. l; Scottish rugby player
VHCAnonExim: 15
VHCDr G. B. ArrowsmithExim: 14
VHCR. T. BaxterExim: 18
VHCE. J. BurgeExim: 14
VHCA. R. ChandlerBest … Better?—just in casenob2 lest
VHCP. J. DyerExim: 18
VHCD. FairburnHome’s inclined a little left of centre. Is that what becoming peerless makes you?obl. (= oblique) in nest
VHCA. FairheadExim: 17
VHCMrs N. FisherAlthough extremely High, it now makes Dissenter happyno blest; High Church
VHCP. H. FreemanExim: 13
VHCI. C. GilchristExim: 17
VHCJ. GillExim: 16
VHCS. GoldieExim: 16
VHCT. E. S. JobsonExim: 14
VHCC. KoopFancy Noel with a little British Summer Time! How topping—when fineanag. incl. BST
VHCMrs B. LewisExim: 14 (clue preferred)
VHCJ. R. MacgeorgeExim: 17
VHCDr T. J. R. MaguireTop ten? Not born on Lime Street, I’m out!no b L(I’m)e St; ward in City of London
VHCMrs E. McFeeExim: 14
VHCD. P. M. MichaelExim: 14 (clue preferred)
VHCF. MossExim: 13
VHCF. E. NewloveExim: 15
VHCMrs N. PerryScotland’s number five joins Ten Bos in a scrummage of the highest orderanag.; Scottish rugby player
VHCR. PostillHead is in Paris embracing head of Ladies’ College? Yes, but it’s all extremely virtuousL in nob est
VHCE. L. Russell“Most high born!”—as it is sounds as though the Chinese Cook said to the late seekers after turkey‘no bleast’ (breast)
VHCR. E. ScratonPound notes freely distributed—that’s most generousanag. incl. lb
VHCR. W. ShearingLet’s have no bananas lest we lose the pineapple—the best of the lotno b(ananas) lest
VHCC. M. SherrellPound notes scattered all over the place. Most generous!anag. incl. lb
VHCT. L. StrangeExim: 15
VHCP. H. TaylorAugust, beyond compare; but after the first of November, none is happyN 0 blest
VHCC. E. WilliamsExim: 14
VHCMrs M. WishartExim: a special mention for the only competitor to score 6 Out of 8 for Question 1
VHCM. WoolfExim: 13

HCs in competition 780 awarded to:

R. J. AtkinA. B. GardnerA. F. LerrigoMrs E. M. Simmonds
C. Allen BakerC. P. GrantMrs W. J. MahoodMrs I. G. Smith
A. J. BarnardD. GribbleT. A. MartinG. Snowden-Davies
Dr R. L. BellL. W. JenkinsonFlt Off L. W. G. OxleyA. D. Sobey
C. I. BullockT. P. KellyS. L. PatonL. W. Stanton
R. N. ChignellR. W. KillickMiss M. J. PatrickJ. B. Sweeting
D. L. L. ClarkeA. LawrieW. H. PegramB. J. Wain
J. McI. CruickshankL. F. LeasonA. L. R. Perry 
J. C. B. DateA. D. LeggeJ. M. Sharman 
N. C. DexterR. D. LemonA. E. Sharp