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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
678 Jan 1962TESSELLATED normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMiss D. W. TaylorOne needs to fix up one’s offspring when about so high, growing up—so the little things are diapered!set (rev.) + tall (rev.) in seed; so high = very high; see diaper in C.
SecondM. NewmanPut through inquisition that’s about to flog one, Ximenes style!sell a in tested: i.e. like crossword diagram
ThirdP. G. W. GlareChambers (old) had such pictorial decorations: revised edition (last) deletesanag. [see comments]
HCC. Allen BakerBeing sedate tells when doing the Twist, showing up squares!anag.
HCJ. K. AndersonDesigned by pavement artists—Slade set let looseanag.; ref. S. School of Fine Art
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonWith the last of Israel intact, the sea settled after its upheaval in accordance with Mosaic designanag. incl. (Israe)l; ref. Exodus 14:27; Mosaic = of Moses
HCC. O. Butcher’Eck, one detests jiving around with squares!’ell a in anag.
HCK. GibsonLike a crossword all detest—very complicated round the bottom right-hand corner!SE in anag.
HCS. GoldieWhat’s the floor like at the Alhambra? Get a dance team up, let’s lead with the Twist, and see!set (rev.) + anag.; A. dance-hall and Moorish palace
HCMrs L. JarmanI take Latin, sed tela est—(i.e., floored by the pretty complicated bits)anag. incl. L; take = bewitch [see comments]
HCMiss J. S. LumsdenTried bestriding Roman seat with typically Roman bottomsella (Lat.) in tested
HCMrs E. McFeeDiced the last of the beetroot and cut up salted eels(beetroo)t + anag.
HCC. J. MorseChecked when about to deceive one, boy pursues girl after girl—and is still checked!sell a in tested, Tess Ella Ted
HCR. PostillSitting around long long after the dancers get up; hence marked as squares!set (rev.) + l. l. in seated
HCA. RobinsThe eldest shall mingle with the least, in accordance with Mosaic lawanag.; Mosaic = according to Moses
HCR. A. RussellHardy girl, properly got up with extra tail-piece of wool, prepared for draughtsTess + (woo)l in elated; T. of the d’Urbervilles; draughtsboard
HCH. S. TribeJumble sale settled—with bits and pieces designed to attractanag.; jumble (vb. imper.)

Runners-Up in competition 678:

Lt Col P. S. BainesF. D. GardinerA. F. LerrigoRev E. G. Riley
J. W. BatesC. E. GatesG. A. LinsleyA. M. Robertson
E. A. BeaulahE. GomersallJ. D. H. MackintoshR. E. Scraton
Capt A. S. BirtC. P. GrantT. W. MelluishW. K. M. Slimmings
Mrs J. ChalkleyS. B. GreenE. J. MillerJ. E. Smith Wright
V. A. R. CooperMaj C. W. HoadP. H. MorganE. B. Stevens
A. E. CrowA. J. HughesMiss M. J. PatrickJ. B. Sweeting
N. C. DexterV. JenningsL. S. PearceJ. F. N. Wedge
J. A. FinckenL. JohnsonD. G. Putnam 
Mrs N. FisherA. H. JonesE. J. Rackham