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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
638 Apr 1961BUREAUCRAT normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstP. H. MorganA zealous official’s a snag over the water at Boulogne—the last bit comes out of the case!bur (= sharp protrusion) + eau (Fr.) + crat(e)
SecondJ. C. BrashCurt bear I may be outwardly, but I have a heart of gold, finding expression in many forms!Au in anag.
ThirdF. D. GardinerHere’s a sticky case a curate reformed—he’s found his vocation in the ministry!bur + anag.
HCC. Allen BakerI may produce for you a new form to bear—for everyone, in fact, in duplicate: black carbon coming up!anag. of bear, U, U + tar C (rev.), & lit.
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonThe practice from old days, from very old days, compassed by a chit, is a guide to meure AUC in brat, & lit.
HCCapt A. S. BirtRub a curate the wrong way—he will remain a strict conformist and your obedient servant!anag.
HCJ. FloodRub a curate the wrong way, and he works himself up in a state!anag.
HCG. P. GoddardIf non-U, I may be curt, a bear, and not so civil as my Service suggestsanag. incl. U
HCE. GomersallTake Vichy water in car, but rum is a worthy adjunct to the office tea strength!r eau (Fr.) in anag.
HCS. B. GreenRub a curate the wrong way, and will he leave the ministry? Never!anag.
HCV. JenningsI’m the official in charge—I bring together in conflict Caesar and Brutus—seconds out!anag. less s,s
HCDr T. J. R. MaguireI could be “Sir Joseph Porter,” having previous practice, from the first City production, in Pinaforeure AUC in brat; ref. HMS Pinafore, Sir J. P.’s Song
HCB. J. McCannTo rub a curate the wrong way, call him a minister’s lackeyanag.
HCT. W. MelluishA truer Cuba would upset the dictator in officeanag.; ref. Castro
HCD. P. M. MichaelThrice he demands form’s submission, then by ancient usage dating from 753 B.C. some youngster’s slashedure AUC in brat; see AUC in C.
HCC. J. MorseThis desk-ruler should help one cope with a difficult form!cryptic def.
HCE. G. PhillipsA pest about the office; contrary, that’s what he is!cf. rat c. bureau, & lit.
HCE. J. RackhamPetty tyrant, a brute and a cur rolled into oneanag.
HCE. B. Stevens“I like everything in its place,” as the autocrat said when he went to the desk after parking his carbureau for auto in autocrat
HCMiss D. W. TaylorHe may pass many a long minute in the office on a case that never reaches finality!bureau crat(e), & lit.
HCW. WattsRub a curate the wrong way, but you won’t make him forget his ordersanag.
HCG. R. WebbAfter the office the unfinished case bound in red tape is his occupationbureau crat(e), & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 638:

Miss B. M. BargeMrs N. FisherMrs S. MacphersonT. Strange
J. M. BennettA. B. GardnerA. MaddocksJ. B. Sweeting
Mrs K. BissettS. GoldieJ. G. MilnerP. H. Taylor
C. O. ButcherR. J. HallW. L. MironMrs J. Thomas
H. C. CopemanMiss J. H. HarbronF. E. NewloveJ. Thompson
Dr J. A. CrawfordD. E. G. IrvineT. C. PerksD. H. Tompsett
N. C. DexterCapt G. LanghamR. PostillJ. Ward
F. E. DixonP. W. W. LeachA. RobinsJ. F. N. Wedge
T. N. DowesA. D. LeggeW. RodgersE. A. Willcox
W. J. DuffinA. F. LerrigoR. E. ScratonM. Woolf
R. EntwistleMiss P. E. M. LewerE. O. SeymourF. W. Wyeth
D. FairburnH. LyonW. K. M. SlimmingsJ. S. Young
J. A. FinckenJ. D. H. MackintoshA. F. R. Stoddart