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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
569 Dec 1959PROPOSAL normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstS. B. GreenA little persuasive argument, quietly, also brokenly presented—that’s the way to make it!pro1 p + anag., & lit.
SecondMrs N. DeanUnique offer to ladies. Firm support to lift the line, designed to fit the fuller figure—one poundprop OS a L; clothes-prop
ThirdJ. A. L. SturrockThis shows one poor sap who’s had it, before long!anag. + l, & lit.
HCR. BryanA brooch, a ring and half one’s pay, and that’s all before the wedding!prop3 O sal(ary)
HCN. C. DexterPoor sap won’t be able to make this without ending in betrothal!anag. + (betrotha)l, & lit.
HCG. H. DicksonPoor swain’s head is awhirl in partner’s embrace; that’s natural to this occasion!anag. of poor s(wain) in pal, & lit.
HCJ. H. EyreTender occasion when a man can be found with his confidence lacking support, also in some confusionprop + anag., & lit [see comments]
HCA. FairheadNew Year peril for quiet sailor—altar—one with wife in every port excludedpro p OS al(tar): i.e. clue written Dec. 1959, 1960 being leap year
HCA. L. FreemanSpecial offer! Stays that grip the round figure—£1O in props + a L
HCA. B. GardnerOffer of support, love and society for keeps—if only you can find the meansprop O S al(ways), & lit.
HCLt M. J. HickmanUnion offer—new deal to Socialist leaders in Poplaranag. incl. So(cialist); ref. left-wing London borough
HCC. W. HoadThe popping may be the old pre-jet type having a circuit before finally touching earth’s hard crustprop2 O sal4; popping the question
HCCapt G. LanghamAn offer of support, love, glamour, and a good start in lifeprop O SA l(ife) & lit.
HCP. H. MorganThe occasion for a well pressed suit—and for the beginning of a partnership also, possiblypro3 p(artnership) + anag. & lit; suit = courtship [see comments]
HCC. J. MorseWhat the young spinster looks for in a mate is the reverse of lethargy!sopor (rev.) in pal [see comments]
HCR. PostillStay! What follows this? Half one’s earnings going on a ring?prop O sal(ary), & lit.
HCE. J. RackhamIt comprises support, love, and half one’s earnings!prop O sal(ary), & lit.
HCI. R. ScottInstead of soft soap Labour’s leader should give a planpro3 + anag. + L(abour); soft = malleable, diffused
HCMiss D. W. TaylorWill a rotund figure encased in stays get this? With a little bit of luck—yes!O in props + a + l(uck), & lit.
HCJ. WaltersOffer poor sap might make by long letter!anag. + l, & lit.
HCJ. F. N. WedgePoor sap nervously anticipates the beginning of Leap-year for what it might bring himanag. + L(eap-year); nervous = jumpy
HCCdr D. P. WillanApropos a love-letter, may it contain one? Yes!hidden & lit.
HCM. WinterbottomA poor L.P.’s jazzed up version of “Love Me Tender”anag.; long player; ref. Elvis Presley song [see comments]

Runners-Up in competition 569:

D. B. J. AmblerMaj A. H. GilesA. D. MattockW. Rodgers
F. D. H. AtkinsonS. GoldieW. A. McFarlaneG. J. S. Ross
C. Allen BakerE. GomersallMrs E. McFeeS. Sedler
G. F. BamfordE. J. GriewI. McGiveringE. O. Seymour
J. W. BatesR. J. HallE. L. MellershMrs E. Shackleton
E. BeddardD. C. HandscombD. P. M. MichaelM. C. Souster
T. E. BellD. HawsonI. MorganW. Steinberg
H. J. BradburyA. S. HaydonRev R. MurrayP. W. Stroud
K. J. BurrastonL. HollmanF. E. NealeMrs J. Thomas
R. S. CaffynE. M. HornbyS. L. PatonF. K. Thornton
A. E. ClaytonJ. G. HullMiss M. J. PatrickK. I. Torrance
A. E. CrowMrs I. V. IdelsonW. H. PegramA. D. Walker
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonV. JenningsE. G. PhillipsC. E. Williams
J. H. DingwallT. E. S. JobsonS. PlumbS. E. Wilson
V. EdkinsG. KirschMaj J. N. PurdonW. J. Wilson
L. E. EyresE. KnightingW. G. RobertsM. Woolf
Mrs N. FisherC. KoopDr D. S. Robertson 
J. FloodMiss J. S. LumsdenMrs J. Robertson 
F. D. GardinerH. LyonA. Robins