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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
769 Oct 1963PENNY normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. Allen BakerSource of a clink, no? Only if one is droppedpen3, n(a)y, & lit.
SecondF. D. H. AtkinsonChange embraces it: shortly it could be deadd., abbr., & lit.; ref. plans for decimalisation
ThirdA. LawrieI’m not worth much: dam near out of currencypen2 ny ( = nigh, obs.), & lit.; ref. plans for decimalisation
HCJ. C. BrashYou’ll find me in the mint. Yes. Even if royal should follow me!pennyroyal, & lit., proposed coin
HCP. R. ClemowGirl who sounds cheap but not if she’s prettycryptic def.; pretty penny
HCMiss S. J. CoareRed author almost out of fashion nowred cent: pen1 ny (= nigh, obs.)
HCN. C. DexterStamped by mint—on reverse—with name and yearnep (rev.) + n + y, & lit.
HCL. L. Dixon“Little D”—a piece with dreadful associationscryptic def.; d., abbr.; Little Dorrit; penny dreadful
HCL. A. J. DuthieI bear the stamp of mint with both royal head and tailcryptic def.; Queen’s head; pennyroyal
HCP. D. GaffeyWeaver bird’s wing2 defs.; Penelope, wife of Odysseus; wing2
HCS. GoldieThe light breaks when it dropscryptic def.
HCE. GomersallCoin dam near out of date!pen2 ny (= nigh, obs.); ref. plans for decimalisation
HCF. H. W. HawesThe old bike has lost a small wheel. It drops, and you tumble!penny(-farthing); tumble = comprehend
HCT. W. MelluishWebster, dear perhaps to classics lovers, but in this shorter form very cheap2 mngs.; ref. Penelope, wife of Odysseus; webster (obs.) = weaver
HCD. P. M. MichaelIt used to be worth a lot more, once nigh on a poundpen2 ny (= nigh, obs.)
HCC. J. MorseUnit of expenditure—nearly obsolete(ex)pen(diture) + ny (= nigh, obs.), & lit.
HCD. A. NichollsCheap, common piece, much discussed in a recent Report!cryptic def.; ref. Halsbury report on decimalisation, and Denning report on Profumo affair
HCR. O’DonoghueCopper in front of Royal Mintpenny(royal)
HCRev E. G. RileyTelly was too small, so she passed the time weavingcryptic def.; ref. Telemachus, son of Penelope (the weaver) and Odysseus
HCD. D. R. SibbaldHer name still carries weight in Troydouble mng.; pennyweight, Penelope, wife of Odysseus
HCJ. B. SweetingA big D that we may not usecryptic def.; ref. Captain’s song from H.M.S. Pinafore; plans for decimalisation
HCL. E. ThomasA pound or two makes a girl a bit in pocket4 defs.; make2 = mag3; penny = pound in nail weight
HCJ. F. N. WedgeGuy’s reward atom scientist, we hear‘Penney’; p. for the guy; Sir W. Penney

Runners-Up in competition 769:

T. AndersonCdr H. H. L. DicksonP. H. MorganJ. R. Scarr
S. BarnettW. EiteE. G. PhillipsN. E. Sharp
T. E. BellL. E. EyresE. R. PrenticeMrs E. M. Simmonds
B. CarlisleH. W. FlewettC. & V. QuinB. Darwin Smith
A. R. ChandlerD. HawsonLady ReayI. Torbe
D. L. L. ClarkeA. J. HughesMrs J. RobertsonH. S. Tribe
J. ColebyT. P. KellyA. RobinsS. E. Woods
J. CrowtherJ. D. H. MackintoshH. Rutley