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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
825 Nov 1964COACHES normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstL. F. LeasonThey’ll take on plodders needing a lift—those with nothing upstairsdouble mng.; sports coaches and single-deckers
SecondC. J. MorseTrains and buses are what one might call associated forms of continuous discomforti.e. co-aches; 2 defs.
ThirdS. GoldieOne who does may make progress by stages with diligencedouble mng.; coach (vb.) = study with tutor
VHCC. Allen BakerIf we part company, some human sufferings may well resultc. less Co. = aches, & lit.
VHCJ. BrockTrains—the slow sort as a rule2 mngs.; (slow)coaches
VHCG. H. DicksonChaps like Higgins take care of dropping h’sc/o aches; ache2 =aitch; ref. ‘Pygmalion’
VHCP. H. FreemanSuch things as flies have the head and six feet of blackbeetlesc(ockr)oaches; fly = light vehicle for hire
VHCF. D. GardinerCallaghan’s first round hurts conveyances!C o aches; ref. James C., new Chancellor
VHCJ. A. HoldenAlluring creatures with just a spangle in the secret placesO in caches
VHCMrs L. JarmanRibbons from our frothy drawers were handed up to stage boxescryptic def.; i.e. horses; ribbons = rein; drawer = puller
VHCA. H. JonesGame kids, these—they’re quite comfortable at sea, they cram in a cocoa chest!3 mngs. & hidden
VHCT. P. KellyLeader of Opposition gains entry to secret arms dumps—we can prepare for a major row!O in caches; i.e. rowing coaches
VHCA. LawrieThe causes, often, of aspirations succeeding completelyco- (prefix) + aches (= aitches), & lit.; C. p. 1324
VHCMrs B. LewisCharas: an extract of hemp some people drop in a saladache (= aitch) in cos; cf. churrus
VHCA. A. MalcolmThe Scout can provide some useful material for these sections of the Express2 mngs.; ref. newspaper racing tipster and football
VHCD. P. M. MichaelThese prime hides are penetrated by nothing but horse-flies possibly0 in caches, 2 defs.; prime, vb.; fly = light vehicle for hire
VHCP. H. MorganWe take care of adult and child beginners in education and sportc/o A ch e s, & lit.
VHCW. H. PegramThey take tourists for a ride with under-the-counter magazines about love!0 in caches, i.e. illegal arms
VHCR. PostillThe posh pubs say No to them, but they cram The Green Man2 mngs.; green = inexperienced
VHCJ. A. SinclairThey raise the rate from the bank and the smaller company suffersCo. aches; rowing coaches
VHCG. H. WillettStages where the partner of sin has an uncomfortable feeling insideache in cos; trigonometry

HCs in competition 825 awarded to:

R. B. AdcockJ. H. DingwallP. W. W. LeachA. R. Read
D. B. J. AmblerJ. C. FarmanL. E. LodgeW. Rodgers
Dr G. B. ArrowsmithJ. A. FinckenJ. D. H. MackintoshW. K. M. Slimmings
P. F. BauchopMrs N. FisherMrs E. McFeeJ. E. Smith Wright
R. T. BaxterH. W. FlewettW. L. MironG. Snowden-Davies
F. H. BernardJ. FloodJ. J. MooreJ. Sparrow
Mrs K. BissettDr P. A. FrenchS. E. MortonL. H. Stewart
J. A. BulleyJ. FrydeJ. J. MurthaL. T. Stokes
C. O. ButcherG. P. GoddardR. R. O’ConnellF. B. Stubbs
R. S. CaffynA. GriffinN. O’NeillJ. B. Sweeting
Mrs F. Castle-KnightMrs L. F. HallenB. G. PalmerW. H. Thorne
Mrs M. P. CraineE. M. HornbyMiss M. J. PatrickA. F. Toms
L. J. DavenportL. W. JenkinsonMrs N. PerryK. I. Torrance
A. L. DennisT. E. S. JobsonB. A. PikeJ. R. Whitelegg
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonC. KoopE. J. RackhamMrs M. Wishart